13 most delicious Eid Dishes from around the world

By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   04 Jun 19


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Food is one of the most important aspect of the Eid celebration, as families and friends meet to enjoy an elaborate and exquisitely prepared feast. Let’s celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the festival that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, with a fabulous feast that has delicious local dishes from across the globe.

                 13 Most Delicious Eid Dishes from around the World


Maamoul, Lebanon


A shortbread cookie which is a must Eid dish in Syria and Lebanon. Every household has its own variation; some stuff it with dates, pistachios, while other fill it with walnuts. Most of the times Maamoul is covered with powdered sugar.

Cambaabur, Somalia


Believed to be orinated in Djibouti, Cambaabur is a special bread that is made during Eid in every Somalian household. There’s a spiced & a sweet version.

Sheer Khurma – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Sheer Kurma

Also known as “Semai” or “Sewaiyan”, Sheer Kurma is an Eid favorite in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Vermicelli, milk, sugar, dates and, dryfruits like pistachios, cashewnuts, almonds, and raisins come together to make this blockbuster Eid dessert.

Tajine – Morosso, Algria


Morocoo & Algeria celebrate Eid with Tajine. It’s not a dessert but a main course where the stew is cooked slowly with meat. The stew usually has local and seasonal vegetables and/or fruits like plums and apricots.

Doro Wat, Ethiopia

Doro Wat

This Ethiopian stew is mostly prepared with chicken and is accompanied by local bread, injera.

Lokum, Turkey


It is famous as the “Turkish delight”. Lokum is hot favourite among locals & tourists in Turkey during Eid. Almost similar to marshmallows, Lokum is prepared with starch, sugar, and has fillings like dates, pistachios, and walnuts.

Tufahija, Bosnia


This is Bosnia’s Eid favourite. Poached apple drenched in sugar and stuffed with walnut – does it sound yummy? It really is.

Manti, Russia


These are special Eid dumplings from Russia. They are usually filled with spiced lamb or beef. The shapes and sizes differ by regions. It’s believe this Manti during Eid tradition came from China.

Bolani, Afghanistan


Afghanistanis love their Bolanis – a thin-crusted bread with a vegetable/meat filling and served with yogurt. Many households make the stuffing of potatoes, lentils, or pumpkin.

Lapis Legit, Indonesia

Lapis Legit

Influenced by the colonial times & the Dutch cuisine, Lapis Legit is a layered cake made with flour, butter, and eggs. The cake is localized by the inclusion of Indonesian spices like cardamom and clove.

Butter Cookies – Egypt & Lebanon

Butter Cookies - Egypt

Called as Kahk, Egyptians celebrate Eid with these fabulously fine cookies that dissolves in the mouth. The Kahks are filled with sweet surprises like honey, dry fruits, and nuts and buried under white powdered sugar.

You Xiang – China

You Xiang

Eid is home coming time for many Muslims. They crave for You Xiang which is often served with soup or rice. You Xiang is a simple fried, flour-based snack.

Machboos Laham – Kuwait

Machboos Laham

This is Kuwait’s national dish and this is made with mutton, chicken or fish (depending on preference) accompanied over fragrant basmati rice. The rice is cooked in a chicken/mutton well-spiced broth. Kuwaitis prefer eating Machboos of Pompret fish. When cooked properly, the fish and the rice are quite flavorful.

What is that one dish that is a must in your home on Eid?


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13 most delicious Eid Dishes from around the world