Dalagan park

Dalagan Park stands as an exceptional destination for those seeking an up-close encounter with desert nature, showcasing a rich range of animals, including camels and livestock, as well as a multitude of plants, prominently the abundant cacti. Positioned within the Asir region, this splendid park caters exclusively to families, boasting not only its sensational beauty but also an advantageous location for outings. It offers a serene haven among lush trees that connect to the prominent "Dalagan Valley," celebrated for its copious waters.

Enthusiasts of hiking and nature trails find themselves drawn to the park, capturing photographs of its breathtaking vistas while reveling in the charisma of desert oases. The park's imposing hills have unveiled a treasure trove of historical significance through their stone engravings, some dating back countless years. The land of "Dalagan" is graciously strewn with rocks that intertwine in a captivating manner, symphonically with the surrounding landscape of acacia, algae, and herbs.

How to explore Dalagan Park?

- Experience an abundance of desert plants and animals, from camels and livestock to splendid cacti.

- Engage in nature trails and hiking endeavors through the park's astonishing scenery.

- Seize the opportunity to click photographs of the picturesque views and the grandiosity of desert oases.

- Unearth time-honored stone engravings on the park's majestic hills.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Dalagan park

4P24+G3V, Al Fara 62223, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Dalagan park

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  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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