Agra Art Gallery

Some of the most renowned museums in the entire world are still located in Agra, housing some of the most celebrated works of art in the world as a whole. Even while the Taj Mahal and its craftsmanship are incredible, there is much more about Agra.

In the centre of Agra, Uttar Pradesh stands the 'AGRA ART GALLERY.'The fact that they give you an educational tour of the stones they utilise in their artwork is the fascinating aspect of this well-known tourist destination in Agra. It provides not only fantastic scenery and old art but also an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio. They have large, tastefully designed rooms that house the art collection. The list of exceptional artworks that have been displayed is extensive. Not only that, but you may discover more about the past and origin of these diamonds during your visit to the Agra Art Gallery. A small selection of wooden statues of the various gods people worship is also displayed in the exhibition. Peacocks, elephants, and other animal-shaped figures are also made from multiple types of wood.

It also sells a wide range of inlaid marble tables, including coffee tables, cocktail tables, dining and conference tables, chess tables, decorative elephants made of marble, flower pots and vases, plates, and tiles, photo frames, statues, jewellery boxes, coaster sets, wine sets, scenes made of marble with inlaid stones, magnets, and ashtrays. Additionally, it deals in stunning contemporary and ethnic jewellery and wood handcraft statues. Generations of artists who worked on the building and design of the Taj Mahal created each of these items by hand, using their artistic talent and imagination to the highest standard.

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    3 hours

Address of Agra Art Gallery

30 - B Munro Road Sadar bazaar, Agra 282001 India

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