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Naporama is a miniature museum that can be found tucked away on a side street close to the house 'Maison Bonaparte' in Corsica, where Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

The museum invites young minds to relive the story of the French Emperor through scenes that have been painstakingly constructed using hundreds of Playmobil figurines.

This charming little museum dedicated to Napoleon is located just down the street from the locations where the man actually attended church and attended school. Frederic Pierrot, an entrepreneur in the field of information technology who is 53 years old, conceived of the idea a few years ago as a means of paying tribute to the most famous hero who thrived on the Mediterranean island.

To create historically accurate scenes and characters, he started by customizing his extensive collection of Playmobil figurines by adding paper, raffia, and even hand-made accessories to them. His collection included a large number of Playmobil pieces.

How to explore Naporama?

  • You will be able to experience the reconstructions in this museum, beginning with the Siege of Toulon in 1793, when the young commander displayed his knack for strategic maneuvering and finishing his coronation as Emperor in 1804.
  • Another exhibit depicted Napoleon and Josephine's wedding in a civil ceremony. The exhibit leads to the story of Napoleon's coronation when a hasty church wedding had to be arranged because Josephine had informed the pope that they were not yet married in the eyes of God. This prompted the pope to call for the wedding to take place immediately.
  • Characters such as Harry Potter, Yoda, Sherlock Holmes, and Pokemon are among the fictitious figures positioned among the Playmobil sets. It was beneficial to give this story to the children in this manner, where toys were incorporated so that they could become more involved rather than teaching them dry history.
  • Fans can get their own personalized version of Napoleon or Josephine for twenty euros (about twenty-three dollars) in this museum.
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Address of Naporama

13 rue Forcioli Conti, 20000 Ajaccio, Communaute d'Agglomeration du Pays Ajaccien, Corsica France

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