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The shoreline of Saint-Francois is quite extensive, and it is covered with grainy sand that has a golden hue. The allure of the Mediterranean Sea's azure and turquoise seas makes it easy to fall in love at first sight.

Plage Saint-François is the most beautiful beach in Saint-François in Guadeloupe.

The beach of Saint Francois may be found in Ajaccio next to the city's port and directly in front of the citadel. On boulevard Lantivy, there is a stunning promenade that is framed by palm palms and takes up most of the space. This beach, located close to the heart of Ajaccio, is considered one of the city's greatest locations.

This beach is a favorite destination for families with young children because of its low risk of being swept away by waves, its lack of waves overall, and its modest depth.

What to do at Plage Saint-François?

  • The beach that is the widest can be found close to both the citadel and the cathedral. As one moves closer to the road that leads to Sanguinaires, the beach begins to narrow.
  • The beachfront located at the base of the citadel is more expansive and more attractive (set away from the road). So you can unpack your picnic basket here and have a great family bonding time.
  • On this particular beach, picnics featuring flavorful chorizo, mouthwatering cheese, and robust local wine are rather common.
  • Tired of basking on the beach with a view of the palm trees? There are other activities that await you at the marina of the city of Saint-François. Restaurants open their doors to discover local gastronomy. In order to bring back local souvenirs from your trip, you will also find shops.
  • Finally, take advantage of your stay in the city of Saint-François to visit the Place de l'Église and the Catholic Church of Saint-François d'Assise. It is an emblematic place where you can attend beautiful religious ceremonies.
  • Go to the top of the citadel to take pictures of the panoramic views of the city.
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Address of Plage Saint-François

Ajaccio, France

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