Ibn Shalaan Palace- Kaf Palce

The Kaf Palace, also known as Ibn Shaalan Palace, is situated next to Al-Saidi Castle in Al Qurayyat, on a hill northeast of Kaf hamlet. In addition to several palm farms, mud homes, a stone mosque constructed in the traditional Islamic architectural style, and numerous other historic sites back to the Nabatean era, this opulent structure is situated in the old eponymous village.

Nawaf bin Nouri Al Shaalan, the region's monarch, ordered the building of Kaf Palace, which took two years to complete until 1338 AH. It is a square military stronghold that is around 2700 square meters in size and is situated on a hill at a medium altitude. The palace was given to His Majesty King Abdulaziz in 1344 AH. In 1357 AH, it was designated as the regional capital of Saudi Arabia.

Along with its history, distinctiveness, and integration with other tourist destinations like the town of Kaf and Saidi Castle, the site was picked as a destination due to its value for archaeology and cultural heritage.

How to explore Kaf Palace?

  • There is a historical record of its construction, including the date of construction (23 Rajab 1338), on its main gate. The entirety of this is inscribed on a stone tablet with a similar structural layout.
  • Four observation towers encircle the palace on its four corners. The lower tower is cylindrical and made of highly textured stone, while the higher tower is conical and made of mud.
  • The Kaf palace complex consists of several buildings, including the palace mosque, the ruling council building, the hospitality building, and a women's home with a private courtyard and four rooms arranged around it.
  • In addition, it has two entrances: a main entrance on the southern side and a side entrance on the eastern facade. Other features include warehouses, kitchens, a well, and a prison.
  • Additionally, it has recognizable architectural features, including friezes, arches, and columns.

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    2 hours

Address of Ibn Shalaan Palace- Kaf Palce

9GV2+XHF, 85, Kaf 77413, Saudi Arabia

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Ibn Shalaan Palace- Kaf Palce

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