One of the historic wells in Saudi Arabia's Al-Jawf region is the Sisra well. This Nabataean-era well is situated in the northern part of the city, around 200 meters from Za'abal Castle. The oval-shaped, 15-meter-deep, and nine-by-eight-meter-wide well was dug in sandstone. The eastern side of it has a hole that was once used to water the nearby fields. There isn't any water in the well right now.

One of the most important ancient sites in the area is Sisra Well. It was named after Sisra, the military leader of the Kanaani people who led his people in battle against the Jews in Palestine. His name appears as Jew's enemy in the Torah and Christian sacred texts. As an English translation of the name Cesar in western culture, some individuals associate the name Sisra with that of Cesar.

How to explore Sisra Well?

  • The well is dried and the location is cleaned up. The well was enclosed with stems for security.
  • The surrounding area is paved with stones. The place is accessible through a paved road.
  • This location is significant for archaeology and cultural history due to its integration with the Za'abal district, the Za'abal castle, and the neighborhood.
  • It has a broad pit and an engraved stairway down to the well's bottom, and its top is formed of stones. Additionally, a tunnel in the bottom of the well's eastern side supplies water to fields three kilometers away from the city that is situated in the lower lands. It's all dried, so you go down the stairway.
  • It is known that some of Sakaka's low sections around the well's eastern and southern sides received water from the well through underground tunnels and through channels carved into the rock and present on the ground. These tunnels were partially unearthed by chance after being buried in the sand. Travel through these tunnels once you have found them.
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    1 hour

Address of Sisra Well

Sisra well, Sakaka 72311, Saudi Arabia

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