Al-Diwan is a square room chamber with three stone benches that served as a triclinium for holy feasts. This chamber is located near Mada'in Saleh (Hegra is also known as Mada'in Saleh). There are numerous theories about how this location was utilized; some contend that it was where the Nabatean kings held meetings and court proceedings. An ancient Middle Eastern group known as the Nabateans prospered through the caravan trade between Southern Arabia and the Jordan Valley.

Al-Diwan, which means 'living room,' is the contemporary name given by the Arab culture. The Diwan, a location designated for religious gatherings, was a rectangular space carved into the rock 12.8 x 9.9 meters in size and 8 meters tall. The Nabateans would organize their feasts in this massive chamber chiseled into the large rock.

This chamber was carved into a hillside to protect it from the wind. Nabataean deities that were carved into the rock have niches built into them. These carvings have been severely worn out over time by exposure to the desert's natural elements.

Al-Siq is a 40 m-wide corridor between two rock faces and is flanked by additional little altars. The craggy cliff walls of the siq would display the paintings of the memorial shrines with images of Nabatean gods and Petroglyphs of camels and traders walking through the Siq.

How to explore Al-Diwan?

- Through a guided tour, you can learn about the historical importance of the Nabatean's feasting culture.

- Try out adventure by climbing on this spectacular rock of AlUla. Enjoy this fun adventure sport while taking in nature's beauty.

- Hop into a vintage convertible Land Rover and cruise around AlUla's most famous heritage sites.

- Let the desert enchant you under the sky by opting for stargazing session led by a guide. Surrounded by mystical rock formations, you will look up to a blanket of stars and enjoy a traditional grilled dinner alfresco.

- Click stunning pics at the entrance of the rock and in al-siq's narrow passageway. You can have some artistic photography shots when the sun's rays pass through the passageway.

- Plan a barbeque evening with friends at this place because the beautiful sunset will set your mood.

- Take your camping tents along and stay overnight there with friends.

- Horse riding and camel riding calls for another adventure to experience.

- 4X4 adventure riding in the dunes will give you an adrenaline rush.

- Go abseiling on a magnificent mountain landscape. It is for both experienced and first-time climbers.

- Go on a 30-min helicopter guided tour to view the monuments from above.

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    2 hours

Address of Al Diwan

Madain Saleh, AlUla 43524 Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Al Diwan

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