Jabal Ikmah

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Five kilometers to the north of Al-Ula is a mountain named Jabal Ikmah. The most numerous and diverse collection of inscriptions on the rocks in AlUla may be found at Jabal Ikmah, making it the most important historical site in the region. However, the thousands of old writings carved into the rocks along one of Jabal Ikmah's crevasses are what truly sets it apart.

Aramaic, Dadanitic, Safaitic, Thamudic, Minaic, and Nabataean, all of which before and ultimately impacted Arabic, are among the languages seen in these inscriptions. The fact that all of these writing systems and languages have been transcribed raises the historical relevance of this location.

Jabal Ikmah, is known as the biggest 'open library' in Saudi Arabia, located in a stunning desert region warmed by the sun. It is concealed in an isolated canyon valley. People who travel through AlUla stop at Jabal Ikmah to leave their inscriptions and offerings. The hundreds of carvings and inscriptions covering the rocks and cliff faces ensure that Jabal Ikmah will be remembered for centuries.

A trip to this historical beauty offers a window into the past because of the inscriptions, some of which are thought to date as far back as the first millennium BCE. This mountain genuinely testifies to the turbulent history that has played out in this area throughout the millennia.

How to explore Jabal Ikmah?

- If you are a researcher or historian, visit Jabal Ikmah to study its centuries-old inscriptions and imprints.

- Gazing at this rock art of humans, musical instruments, and animals, you can discover what was important in the daily lives of people in the Dadanite, Lihyanite, and other civilizations of AlUla.

- Admire the art on the rock and take pictures of the traditional art of the ancient civilizations.

- If you understand many languages of the Arabic culture, you will explore how many topics were represented in the inscriptions. These topics range from names of people to detailed descriptions of religious rituals, commercial transactions, and transcriptions of local laws.

- Several geographical names are also mentioned in these inscriptions. Take note of these names since they hold significance in the history of Nabataean culture.

- You will also observe that the stylized representations of humans and the tools used are drawn. These representations are the acts of performing a task, such as hunting, herding, or farming.

- Go abseiling on a magnificent mountain landscape. It is for both experienced and first-time climbers.

- Go on a 30-min helicopter guided tour to view the monuments from above.

- Pink camel pastry boutique lies next to this heritage site. You can fulfill your sweet cravings at this boutique cafe after visiting the site.

- Visit the Al Nakheel Cafe, which is open for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. It boasts a welcoming and experienced staff that serves delectable food, a variety of cool drinks, and shisha.

- Al Rahbah is another restaurant near this site that serves Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine.

- Stay overnight to study more about the inscriptions at the rural tents in Naseem Alouzaib, located 3.8 kilometers from the site.

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Address of Jabal Ikmah

375, AlUla 43532, Saudi Arabia

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