Jabal Ithlib

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Jabal Ithlib is a magnificent natural mountain and a cultural monument that is situated east of Al Ula in the center of Hegra. It is an ancient site in Hejaz, which was once a site of worship for the Nabateans.

The 'Diwan,' a sizable chamber carved into the mountain's rocks that resembles a dining room or triclinium, is Jabal Ithlib's main attraction. It is thought that this room played a significant role in historical events conducting royal banquets and political meetings. It also has an open front that was probably made for outsiders or public observers. Apart from that, the cultural heritage and breathtaking mountain scenery draw visitors from all over the world.

A passageway across the Siq canal, which is to the left of Diwan, leads to the mountain. The core region of the mountain, which is beyond this canal, features numerous sculptures and inscriptions that may have something to do with prehistoric religious rituals. The mountain range also has a water canal that travels through the middle and empties into a cistern after first entering a natural water basin. It is a historical attraction from which we can draw lessons from the past.

How to explore Jabal Ithlib?

- You can learn about the historical importance of the Nabatean's worshipping culture through a guided tour.

- Take adventure to the next level by hiking on this spectacular rock. Enjoy this fun adventure sport while taking in nature's beauty after reaching the mountain's summit.

- Hop into a vintage convertible Land Rover and cruise around AlUla's most famous heritage sites.

- If you are a researcher or a historian, you can learn about the inscriptions written on the rock.

- Click stunning pics at the entrance of the rock and in the siq canal. You can have some artistic photography shots when the rays of the sun pass through the narrow passageway.

- Plan a barbeque evening with friends at this place because the beautiful sunset will set your mood.

- Take your camping tents along and stay overnight there with friends among the cool desert winds.

- Horse riding and camel riding calls for another adventure to experience.

- 4X4 adventure riding in the dunes will give you an adrenaline rush.

- Go abseiling on a magnificent mountain landscape. It is for both experienced and first-time climbers.

- Go on a 30-min helicopter guided tour to view the monuments from above.

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    4 hours

Address of Jabal Ithlib

Hegra, Al Ula 43541, Saudi Arabia

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