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The Abu Manaratain mosque stands apart from all other mosques in Qatar thanks to a massive tree that towers over the structure. This mosque was built in 1940 and is situated in Al-Wakra, one of the state's oldest cities.

This mosque features a few other peculiarities in addition to the tree that sits next to it. The mosque only has one manaratain, which in Arabic means two minarets. This and other clues suggest that the building's shape may have changed over time. Another oddity is that the mosque's rectangular building doesn't have the tall walls that are typical of mosques in Qatar.

Ablutions are performed in the mothawaddah, which is located at the southern end of the courtyard. There is a little pool there that is reached by a staircase. Water from the courtyard well used to be used to fill this pool. Muslims do the wudu, a protracted series of body-cleansing rituals, at the mothawaddah before entering the mosque to pray.

A 10-meter-tall minaret, which is composed of a cylinder-shaped construction with a square base, is located at the northern end of the courtyard. The muezzin was able to reach the top of it through a small spiral staircase inside, where he could call people to worship through four tiny arched windows. The imam, who is the religious leader in charge of leading the prayers, was located in a small chamber next to the minaret.

The prayer area at this mosque is a third unique feature. It does not have the customary portico overlooking the courtyard like other mosques in Qatar. There is a very basic mehrab within that points in the direction of the Kaaba, or Holy Stone, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Best things to do:

The mosque is solely accessible from the outside. In addition to seeing the Abu Manaratain mosque, we advise visiting the fantastic fish market nearby, where you can purchase several fresh fish varieties and have them prepared for you at one of the businesses.

Dhows, the traditional fishing vessels of Qatar, deliver their catch to the nearby harbor every morning. Enjoy your meal by the water before visiting the mangroves.

You might witness migrating birds like herons and flamingos in the spring and autumn at sunrise and sunset. The House of Sheikh Ghanim bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani and a playground for kids are further nearby attractions. You can also purchase snacks and beverages close to the mosque.

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Address of Abu Manaratain Mosque

Al Wakrah, Qatar

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