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Amman is not a very pedestrian-friendly city because it is hilly, congested, and peppered, with occasional walkways frequently blocked by parked automobiles or planted trees. Visitors and locals are encouraged to walk along Rainbow Street, which is not always simple or practical in Jordan's busy capital. It is a hip area with beautiful restaurants, lovely gift shops, and vibrant architecture. You might easily spend an afternoon and evening exploring Rainbow and its side streets, stopping at cafes, gift stores, restaurants, and rooftop bars.

Entrance to Rainbow Street and Souk Jara is free, and families are welcome. You can take a stroll and unwind while admiring the street art, dining at one of the establishments, buying clothes or souvenirs, or all of the above.

Relax in a cafe

While traveling in Jordan, you'll probably be welcomed inside your hosts' homes or businesses with tea or coffee and occasionally by strangers and shop owners. You don't have to look far in this city to obtain these drinks since they have a much larger function than just giving you a caffeine boost. They are significant emblems of Jordanian hospitality carried down from traditional Bedouin culture. No different is Rainbow Street, and the Boulevard is lined with cafes that serve hot mugs of popular beverages from all over the world.

Purchase a quick meal

Amman is one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East, and the food may be fairly expensive, but if you know where to look, you may get inexpensive meals on Rainbow Street. Al Quds, located opposite Abdul Aziz Jawish St. about halfway down Rainbow Street, offers fresh falafel sandwiches for less than JD2 (about USD 2.80). The two-item menu at this straightforward walk-up restaurant, which has been open since 1966, is as basic as it gets, yet the falafel from Al Quds is reportedly fit for a king: both the late King Hussein of Jordan and Jordan's own King Abdullah have dined there.

Sundowner is a thing here.

In Amman, lounges are more popular than nightclubs, and these upscale establishments are frequently packed. Stay until dusk, when the region takes on a new personality. Many cafés on Rainbow Street become popular venues for nightlife for the cosmopolitan crowd. Visit a shisha bar for a more laid-back experience; this is a popular choice for a leisurely evening with friends.

Stroll and shop

Visit Rainbow Street on a Friday if you're in Amman during the summer (June through September) in Jordan. Fawzi Al Maalouf St., a side street off Rainbow, becomes Souk Jara, a pop-up market with vendors selling handicrafts, antiques, and art, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Take the steps at the end of Fawzi Al Maalouf St down to Othman Ben Affan St after browsing the locally created goods and rubbing shoulders with locals and tourists in this crowded market.

Go to the Wild Jordan Center

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature owns Wild Jordan Center, where a few eateries, bars, and even a posh boutique hotel are located. The center's goal is to generate money for a few of Jordan's environmental areas, including Wadi Mujib and the Dana Biosphere.

Take in the scenery.

Amman Rainbow Street's location is its best feature, and you may take in the surrounding scenery from the hilltop. The homes in Amman all have an earthy tone and are just two or three stories tall, and they create a unique view by seamlessly blending into the background.

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