Reichstag Building

The German parliament now resides in the Reichstag, a democratic symbol recognized worldwide. Numerous visitors come here each year, and for a good reason: It is a rare experience to absorb such a breathtaking view while future political decisions are being taken just below your feet.

Things to do at the Reichstag Building:

  • The Reichstag is significant to Berlin as both an architectural marvel and a historical monument:

Visit the Reichstag building to get a close-up look at where politics are created, with its stunning glass dome and rooftop terrace. It is a prime example of eco-architecture and has high energy independence. The building's utilization of natural ventilation and sunlight due to the dome's form makes it a distinctive emblem of sustainability.

Learn about the fire that gave rise to National Socialism and take a tour of the area while learning about the various art installations that have taken place there, including Christo and Jean Claude's renowned 1995 project in which they covered the exterior of the building with a white cloth.

  • Visit the Reichstag Dome and Roof Terrace:

The glass dome built over the German Parliament's plenary hall is 38 meters in diameter and 23.5 meters in height. Two spiral ramps lead up to an observation platform 40 meters above the ground on its inner side. It now has an enduring effect on the cityscape, is a popular tourist destination, and is even recognized as a landmark in Berlin.

You may also find the 12-shelf parliamentary history exhibition 'From the Reichstag to the Bundestag' on the roof terrace.

  • Study the Tiergarten's finer points:

Right outside the Reichstag is the sizable public park known as Tiergarten. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism are two additional memorials worth visiting.

  • Go to the House of World Cultures:

The House of World Cultures, also known as Haus der Kulturen der Welt, is a renowned cultural hub for modern art. The Transmediale, an annual festival for arts, technology, and politics, is held in this unusual outside space, which the locals call Schwangere Auster or 'pregnant oyster.'

It also features outdoor music as part of a series called Wassermusic, including a jumble of films and discussions.

  • Enjoy a meal at Reichstag Restaurant.

Only the Berlin Reichstag has a public restaurant among all parliamentary structures. On the roof of the Reichstag, Restaurant Käfer at Bundestag and its roof garden provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for affordable pricing, along with breathtaking views.

The markings left by Russian soldiers after World War II are still visible, and these markers serve as a reminder of how National Socialism was defeated in Russia.

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Address of Reichstag Building

Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany

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