Breathtakingly Beautiful Imperial Towns for a Perfect Morocco Holiday

By Rohini Gulipilli

  ●   26 Sep 18


With a myriad of attractions and activities, Morocco is a captivating destination in North Africa attracting culture vultures, backpackers, families, adventure lovers, and more. From its azure buildings, dramatic mountains stretching across the country, to the sparkling sea and desert lands, Morocco overflows with beauty. Home to uncountable beautiful towns, narrowing the country’s incredible destinations down to a list is difficult. Here we’ve compiled a list of  must-visit imperial towns for your next Morocco holiday.

6 Breathtaking Beautiful Places to Visit in Morocco


FezFez or Fes is one of the most authentic and historic cities in Morocco divided into the original old town, Fes el-Bali and Fes el-Jedid. Visit the Bab Boujeloud to experience its heritage of the Fes back to thousand years. Medieval Fes was once the capital of Morocco still holds its religious and cultural importance till today. Morocco holiday is incomplete without including this historic town.

Highlights of Fes
  • Explore Old town of Fes – it’s the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fes.
  • Pay a visit to the historic Quaraouiyine Mosque.
  • Explore Fez’s leather souk – the oldest and largest traditional tanneries.


EssaouiraEssaouira is a perfect place to escape from the bustling cities. It was a popular beach hangout for the icons like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley once. Situated along the west coast of the country, Essaouira is the best place in Morocco for travelers seeking sun, sand, and sea. Besides its natural beauty, Essaouira is popular for its impressive buildings, charming souks, and harbor.

Highlights of Essaouira
  • Enjoy a stroll along the alleys of colorful buildings.
  • Shop from a range of goods – blankets, rugs, handicrafts, and food.
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunny day at the beach with a range of watersports.

Marrakesh or Marrakech

marrakeshMarrakesh has become a must visit destination of the country for its history, Moroccan culture, and abundant markets. Embrace the snake charmers, colorful markets and alleys which reveal the treasures of the town at every corner. Start your Morocco holiday here.

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Highlights of Marrakesh
  • Staying in a Moroccan Riad is a must.
  • Explore the Djemma El-Fna Square, a masterpiece of world heritage.
  • Visit El Badi Palace, to experience its splendor in the past.


ChefchaouenChefchaouen is truly a beautiful town which was established in 1471. Despite its small size, Chefchaouen is an alluring town with beautiful landscapes. This is an old and enchanting town with appropriately blue and whitewashed buildings and magnificent mountains. Pay a visit to the Grand Mosque of Chefchaouen – a stunning architecture dating back the 15th century especially its unique octagonal minaret.

 Highlights of Chefchaouen
  • Enjoy a guided tour to enchanting Old City and Medina.
  • Beyond the blue town, enjoy the mind-blowing scenery of Cascades d’Akchour.
  • Hike in the beautiful Rif Mountains.


MerzougaLocated in the edge of Erg Chebbi, Merzouga is a small and mesmerizing desert town. Merzouga is a perfect place to witness the Bedouin life and have a splendid Morocco holiday. Experience Merzouga in an authentic way, i.e. on camel-back and explore its breathtaking landscapes – knife-edged sand dunes with azure skies that create a perfect classical Saharan setting. Plan your visit during October to February. And it is the best time to visit the Merzouga town with the pleasant daytime temperatures.

Highlights of Merzouga
  • See the desert wildlife like Berber skink, fringe-toed lizard, etc.
  • Stay at a desert campsite and enjoy stargazing.
  • Enjoy quad bike tour in the sand dunes of the Sahara.


AsilahAsilah is a bright and enchanting city of Morocco offers a taste of Spain blended with Moroccan traditions. Adorned with inspiring artwork, the town of Asilah can be explored by foot in a day. A number of vacationers flock to this town for its sandy beaches, especially during its summers. From painted white houses to color walls with murals, there’s a lot to explore in this hidden coastal town of Asilah.

Highlights of Asilah
  • Asilah Festival – an annual event where a collection artwork is exhibited.
  • Asilah’s fantastic murals act as a perfect backdrop for your photographs.
  • Take a day and enjoy bike tours around the town and find the hidden art in the its streets.


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Breathtakingly Beautiful Imperial Towns for a Perfect Morocco Holiday