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A tiny home that previously belonged to Abidin Bey, a commander and politician in Egypt during the time of Muhammad Ali, was demolished to make way for Abdeen Palace. It is located near the Qasr el-Nil Street on the eastern side.

Later in history, a decision was made to replace the Cairo Citadel, which had functioned as the government seat since the Middle Ages, with a vast palace, which would stand where Abidin Bey's home once stood. Khedive Ismail gave the construction of the palace the go-ahead. Before that, he travelled to Paris, where the surrounding beauty prompted him to design a stylish palace that would rival many European ones and adorn the heart of Cairo. Today, the palace serves as a museum that effectively consists of several museums, such as the Silver Museum, the Arms Museum, the Royal Family Museum, the Presidential Gifts Museum, and a recent addition, the Historical Documents Museum. In addition to serving as a museum, Abdeen Palace serves as the president of Egypt's official house and workplace. The building's upper floor has also been set aside for VIP visitors and foreign dignitaries. The enormous collection of clocks, many of which are embellished with pure gold, and the sheer amount of paintings that cover the walls of nearly every room in the palace are two things that particularly jump out when you visit.

A museum is housed in various halls on the lower floors of Abdeen Palace. There, you may view exhibits of weapons, presidential presents, silver, historical papers, artefacts belonging to the royal family, and more. In other halls, you can also witness ancient pharaohs' crowns, priceless jewellery, and upscale cutlery. Additionally, there is a sizable collection of daggers from nations including Indonesia, China, Italy, Yemen, India, and France, as well as a collection of brilliant samurai swords that were imported from Japan. Visitors to the museum leave the strongest impression of the things used for the executions. For instance, you may see the Russian Tsar's sword displayed here, protected by a gilded sheath with a priceless stone-encrusted grip.

FAQs : Explore Abdeen Palace Museum

Q. What are the opening hours of Abdeen Palace Museum?

A: Abdeen Palace Museum is open every day except Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Q. What are the ticket prices for Abdeen Palace Museum?

A: The ticket price for Abdeen Palace Museum is EGP 20 for Egyptians and EGP 100 for foreigners. Children under six years old can enter for free.

Q. What are the must-see exhibits in Abdeen Palace Museum?

A: Abdeen Palace Museum has many exhibits that are worth seeing, such as the Throne Room, the Silver Museum, and the Arms Museum. The Throne Room is a grand room with a beautiful throne and chandeliers. The Silver Museum contains a collection of silverware used by the royal family, and the Arms Museum displays a collection of weapons used in different periods of Egypt's history. 

Q. Is photography allowed inside Abdeen Palace Museum?

A: Photography is allowed inside Abdeen Palace Museum, however, the photography ticket needs to be purchased by paying 25 EGP (foreigners)/ 5 EGP (Egyptians).

Address of Abdeen Palace Museum

Moustafa Abdel Raziq Street off Abdeen Square, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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