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As romantic as it gets, Frederiksberg's tree-lined boulevards and several lush parks are perfect for strolling. But there's a lot more to Frederiksberg.

It's also a top location for discovering your hidden gems and has outstanding dining and fantastic shopping.

Things to do at Frederiksberg Slot:

  • Look no further if you're looking for a cozy location to stay:

Despite being only a short distance from Frederiksberg, the Central Hotel & Café had to be included because it is adorable. It must be (at least one of) the tiniest hotels in the world with only one room.

For a cup of superb coffee from The Coffee Collective, stop by its modest café.

  • Find peace in the middle of the metropolis at Haveselskabets Have:

The numerous natural spaces and lovely flower beds in Frederiksberg are among its outstanding features. Consider The University Garden, a lesser-known but botanically intriguing garden in the city that is popular with students and staff from Copenhagen University's Science Department.

  • One of Copenhagen's iconic ice rinks, which is especially lovely at night because of all the lights:

A trip to the ice rink in front of Frederiksberg Gardens is a pleasant winter activity for kids and adults if you're in town during the winter.

Additionally, the warmth you restore to your body during skating is a benefit.

  • A unique museum encounter at subterranean: The Cistern

Cisternerne is a unique exhibition venue. Its underground shows are presented in unusual circumstances thanks to its fantastic position deep beneath the fields of Sndermarken.

  • Green, upscale, and wonderful

Although it is located directly between the neighborhoods of Nrrebro and Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is a municipality all by itself.

Frederiksberg is referred to as ''The Green Village of Copenhagen'' and is distinguished by its wide streets, substantial homes, and opulent parks. 

Right in the center of Frederiksberg, the picturesque Frederiksberg Gardens are a favorite destination for events, family trips, and runners.

You may take a boat excursion that circles the region and stops at Frederiksberg Palace throughout the summer.

  • Vaernedamsvej keeps its quaint French feel.

A narrow but popular street named Vrnedamsvej connects Frederiksberg's main retail avenue Gammel Kongevej with Copenhagen's Vesterbro neighborhood. The street is well-known for its French ambiance and attractive eateries where you can relax and see neighborhood activity outside, including Granola, Falernum, and Les Trois Cochons.

  • The plethora of hip bars and eateries will leave you spoilt for choice:

Similar to Copenhagen, Frederiksberg is brimming with fantastic dining options. There is the inviting cocktail bar and restaurant Salon 39, the Bib Gourmand Anarki, and Mielcke & Hurtigkarl.

  • Dining options in Frederiksberg:

Frederiksberg may satisfy your needs if you want a decadent piece of cheesecake, a classy drink, or supper at a Bib Gourmand restaurant.

Copenhagen has everything, from bistros to restaurants with Michelin stars. The restaurant scene is one of the most distinctive and inventive in the world, and it accommodates all spending levels, preferences, and circumstances. Delicious cuisine from all over the world and an emphasis on creating great meals with seasonal, local ingredients are available in Copenhagen. A strategy pioneered by noma, the New Nordic cuisine, and a cooking method that today distinguishes Copenhagen's eateries as culinary trailblazers.

Les Trois Cochons in Copenhagen's well-known Vaernedamsvej serves traditional French cuisine and is managed by the same people that run the Cofoco restaurants, which are recognized for their affordable prices and great quality.

As a member of the well-known Madklubben universe, Hanzo's great chefs will serve you their interpretations of Eastern cuisine at a very reasonable price. The street food and fine dining of Japan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, among other places, impact the cuisine.

  • A fantastic shopping experience awaits:

Frederiksberg offers everything, from custom-made chocolates and other treats to clothing, furniture, and everything in between.

Explore all the little shops along Gammel Kongevej street at your leisure, or indulge in a massive shopping binge in the four-story mall in Frederiksberg.

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