King Fahad Park

For those in search of a serene and beautiful locale in Saudi Arabia, King Fahad Park in Dammam simply cannot be missed. With an expansive area of 120,000 square meters, this captivating attraction boasts awe-inspiring views, a wide range of plant species, and top-notch recreational facilities.

Explore the natural beauty:

One of the main highlights of King Fahad Park is its beautifully designed landscapes. The park features lush green lawns, colorful flower beds, and well-maintained walking paths, providing a refreshing and tranquil environment for visitors. This meticulously planned layout creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and strolls. The park is also home to a variety of trees, including palm and fruit trees, adding to its natural beauty and providing shade on hot summer days.

Ride the Ferris wheel and take part in outdoor activities:

In addition to its breathtaking flora, King Fahad Park offers numerous recreational activities for tourists of all ages. Families can enjoy a thrilling ride on the park's Ferris wheel or take part in various outdoor games available in the designated areas. For children, the park boasts an exciting amusement park equipped with exhilarating rides and attractions. Visitors can also rent bicycles to explore the park or enjoy a peaceful boat ride on the serene lake, adding an element of adventure to their visit.

Go for picnics:

For those seeking a peaceful escape from bustling city life, King Fahad Park provides the perfect retreat. The park features several beautifully designed sitting areas and gazebos where visitors can relax, unwind, and take in the enchanting surroundings. These peaceful spots offer an ideal space for picnics, group gatherings, or even quiet moments of solitude.

Learn about the traditional heritage of Saudi Arabia:

King Fahad Park houses a traditional Saudi village, complete with a museum that displays artifacts and exhibits representing the country's history and culture. Visitors can immerse themselves in the traditional Saudi lifestyle as they explore the village, learn about local customs and traditions, and even witness traditional dances and performances.

King Fahad Park in Dammam is a must-visit tourist destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, recreation, and cultural experiences. The park's stunning landscapes, diverse flora, and well-maintained facilities create an idyllic setting for relaxation, leisurely walks, and family fun. King Fahad Park offers a tranquil escape, an adventurous day out, or a cultural immersion for everyone.

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    3 hours

Address of King Fahad Park

3059 King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Road, Al Iskan, Dammam 32236, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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