Aqua Park Qatar

Theme parks are the best locations for a family vacation since they offer adventure and pleasure. Get your tickets to Aqua Park Qatar if you're looking for a great location with lots of excitement and fun.

All of its 50,000 square meters are devoted to water-based entertainment. You may do several fun things with your kids, family, or friends. The park delivers the nicest weekend anyone could ever plan, complete with restaurants, souvenir stores, lagoons, pools, and much more.

Things to do at Aqua Park:

  • A cultural centre: A king's and queen's cabin can be seen in the middle of the African cultural village. A solid wooden bridge connects this settlement to the rest of the park. Several wooden parasols are positioned around the village area, and animal-shaped slides are installed to attract the kids.
  • Enthralling rides: Speed lines in Qatar's Aqua Park are nothing less than water racing, which is undoubtedly a fantastic experience and the best adventure in the country.
  • Water thrills: One of the most popular kid-friendly adventure destinations is Pirate Bay, where bumper boats have been expressly added to the park to make it the most thrilling attraction for children. Let your child race, other tourists while cruising in their custom boat car.
  • Lagoon Park: Lagoon Pool is the finest spot to unwind and take in the vibrant environment. It has a restaurant, juice bar, and dry and wet seating options. On the lazy river that circles the park, you can choose to unwind or go for a ride on one of the floating rafts. On the other side, the river still makes it safe for kids to ride wherever they like.
  • Splash around: The Aqua water park's Boomerango slide is among its greatest. Before you reach the destination, there will be some exciting bends and dips as well as those steep twists.
  • Surfing Stingrays: It certainly sounds exciting. Qatar offers the world's first surfing ride and a unique stingray surfing experience. There is also a 90-degree curved wall built to the surfing area to make it even more thrilling and adventurous.
  • Drive around: Your kids may like Aqua Park because of driving school. They can practice driving in their personalized vehicle under the guidance of a professional. Your child will be able to learn safe driving practices while having fun, thanks to the instructions.
  • Fun, frolic and food: The best eateries and kiosks can be found in Aqua Park Qatar's dedicated food court. You can enjoy fresh juice and revitalizing drinks with your family while enjoying a fast snack. You have various cuisine choices at these restaurants in Qatar, from pizza to specialty drinks and snacks.
  • Gift shops: At the water theme park in Qatar, you can discover shops where you can buy toys and even casual t-shirts for your children. There is a mini-market with a sizable retail selection of presents.
  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of Aqua Park Qatar

Salwa International Road, Doha Qatar

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