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Simaisma beach is a joy for visitors with miles of excellent sand, diverse atmospheres, and a remarkable range of colors. It extends from a natural jetty, curves around it, and surrounds a small group of mangroves.

Things to do at Simaisma Beach:

  • Admire the beauty of nature: A little hill with an abandoned building on its southern end makes for a lovely silhouette at sunset and a great photo opportunity. It is magic for those who wish to gaze at the water while grilling.
  • Plan a beachside picnic as you soak in the sun: The water is relatively shallow and distant from the coast. Additionally available to visitors are barbecue pits and a covered area for resting.
  • Watch out for fishermen's equipment: The 'hadra,' or intertidal fishing traps, can be seen in the beach's south. These classic stake traps have three sides made of stones and one open side that faces the shore. Shrimps, demersal and pelagic fish species, and other mollusks drift along with the ebb tide passively, can be trapped as the tide recedes
  • Facilities: There are restrooms, covered spaces, playgrounds, a soccer field, and food and beverage stands, as well as all the other amenities you could need for a hassle-free family outing.
  • Educate yourself about the natural wealth of flora and fauna: The mangroves, a unique example of natural vegetation and wildlife in Qatar, are a great place for aspiring explorers, environment enthusiasts, and bird watchers to explore. Children who visit the beach can be taught about the critical role mangroves play in land preservation, and the mangroves on the coast provide a haven of absolute calm.
  • Let the kids loose: Overall, spending the morning at Simaisma Beach with the family is a lot of fun. The three playgrounds offer plenty of room for energetic kids to run around, kick a ball, explore the mangroves. If you're okay with messy play, your kids will have a blast dousing themselves in slimy sand—a wonderful sensory experience!
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Simaisma Beach

Doha Qatar

Opening & Closing time of Simaisma Beach

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