Dubrovnik – More Than a Game of Thrones Destination

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  ●   30 Aug 18

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When you think of Croatia, first thing that pops on your mind is Games of Thrones! Well, I haven’t watched GOT yet but had an amazing time in Croatia. I only went for 5 days, which is extremely short to visit 3 cities but I got to cover loads in Croatia including the beautiful historic old town of Dubrovnik.

Tips for your Dubrovnik Trip

First things first, make sure to book your apartment bit outside the old town as its extremely hectic to carry your luggage all the way through Dubrovnik stairs to reach the apartments, also it’s a bit problematic when booking taxis as they cannot enter the old town so you will have to take a short walk to meet with your taxi.

Make sure to exchange their local currency when you get to the center, no need to exchange at the airport as you can take an Uber from the airport, or simply book the shuttle bus using you credit/debit card. Credit cards and euros are not widely accepted, mainly cash.


Every inch of this city speaks out history, the walls just trap you in a maze of the 16th century. There is so much to see, even the ride from the airport to the walls is breathtaking as you get top scenic views of the city including the fortresses, beach, and walls.

Dubrovnik Visit

If you are interested in the game of thrones tour, Book it online ahead of time as its simple and easy. I booked mine through get your guide, the name of the tour guide was Dora shes extremely funny and was filmed in one of the episodes of GOT!

After finishing the GOT tour, i booked another city tour to take us through the history of Dubrovnik which I found a bit useless as most of the things were covered during the GOT tour so its suggested to take one tour only.

There Is a ferry that takes you to Lokrum island that can be done as a half day tour, I haven’t done this due to lack of time but its totally worth it and takes only 15 mins to reach the island.

Warning: you cannot sleep on this island so you have to make sure to take the last ferry back, otherwise you are stuck there. 🙂

Dubrovnik Tour

Everything is within walking distance, and most of the cultural monuments will be covered within the tour:

  • Rectors palace
  • Minceta fortress
  • Dubrovnik cathedral
  • Pile gate
  • Dubrovnik cable car
  • Sponza palace
  • Revelin fortress
  • Large Onofrio’s Fountain
  • Ploce gate
  • Fort st Ivana
  • Bellevue beach
  • Rectors palace museum

Incredible Food

Dalmatian cuisine is mainly constituted of seafood which is my favorite! You can point out the influence of Italian dishes on the Dalmatian cuisine- in every corner resides a Pizza place! Make sure to try their local cheese and drink “Rakia”

Croatia Food

Where to eat in Dubrovnik:

  • Lajk restaurant
  • Lanni resto
  • Dubrovka 1836 resto
  • Arsenal restaurant

Nature and Nature and Nature..

Everywhere you look you are surrounded by the colors green and blue! The mix of ocean and trees is my favorite art, and Croatia is full of it.

Dubrovnik Visit

Small town with big heart

Croats are rude? No way! Try to open up a conversation with a Croatian local and they will go above and beyond to help you and show you their beautiful city even though their English might be limited.


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Dubrovnik – More Than a Game of Thrones Destination