Old Town & Walls of Dubrovnik

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The Old Town of Dubrovnik, better known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic,' is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the entire Old Town below and the Adriatic Sea from the top of the walls as you promenade from tower to tower.

When you look down the guarded city, you can see a treasure trove of Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals, monasteries, Venetian palaces, and ornately carved fountains. These structures are jammed together with shuttered apartments, small shops, and outdoor cafes and restaurants.


Enter through one of the gates:

Dubrovnik's Pile Gate, the main entrance The Dubrovnik fortifications include three main entrances: Pile Gate, Ploce Gate (next to the Dominican Monastery), and the Maritime Museum at Fort St. John.

You'll notice that the wall isn't flat when you walk on top of it; instead, there is some 'up and down.' There are 1,080 stairs within the city walls.

A fascinating look into the life of those who dwell within the fabled walls, it is a multicolored feast for the eyes:

Schoolboys kick soccer balls down winding, cobblestone streets.

Women use modest courtyard gardens to dry their washing.

The confusion of red-tiled rooftops is fascinating. Young people are likely to be seen laughing as they jump off the rocks at the wall's foot into the crystal blue water on the other side of the medieval stone wall (the sea-facing side).

The circular stone Minceta Tower sits atop the city walls of Dubrovnik:

The Minceta Tower is a fort within the walls on the north side, facing the countryside, that was first constructed in the fourteenth century. The best views in town can be seen by ascending the tower's steep, winding staircase. The entire town, Lokrum Island in the distance, the 1,000-year-old Lovrijenac Fortress (or Fort Lawrence) outside the walls, and the glistening sea are all visible from this vantage point.

Franciscan Monastery:

The Franciscan Monastery is only one of the numerous historic structures you can visit. The third-oldest pharmacy in Europe dates back to 1317 and is still in business in the landscaped cloister. And a museum, too.

The metal tools, pottery bowls, and mortar and pestle sets that the monks used to create medications are on display.

Dubrovnik Cathedral

The 18th-century current cathedral is another stunning sight. A magnificent artwork by the Venetian artist Titian from the 16th century, titled 'Assumption of the Virgin,' may be found inside the cathedral among gold and silver reliquaries.

War Photo Limited is a reminder of people's struggle for freedom:

Visit the War Photo Limited museum of war photographs if you're curious about Croatia's delicate connections with its neighbors. Occasionally appearing pockmarks on homes and patched roofs throughout the city remind the Yugoslavian army bombed the area in the early 1990s.

Go on a break:

Numerous coffee shops along the route let you enjoy a coffee or cool beverage while sitting in the shade. You can rest your aching feet in these cafes as well.

One of Dubrovnik's most stunning bars, Buza Bar, is perched just above the water on a cliff and offers an unrivaled view of the open Adriatic. It is also known as 'hole-in-the-wall' because it captures the essence of Dubrovnik and is where visitors turn into locals.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

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