Escape the Ordinary: Top 10 Places to Visit In January

By Ashwini Kolar

  ●   09 Jan 23


A new year begins with much anticipation and opportunity, but this optimistic outlook quickly wears off as the snow continues to fall. Your favorite hot chocolate would taste better if it were a freshly squeezed juice, and you were sipping it on a plush beach somewhere, and you start to realize that snow angels aren’t all that funny after all. You constantly gaze out the window and daydream about leaving for a warm place as the temperatures drop.

Good news! January is a great month for travel. Rates start to decline as the holiday rush fades into memory, making now the perfect time to fly to greener (and sunnier) pastures.

So here are ten places Rehlat recommends to travel in January if you’re daydreaming of a winter getaway (or need some inspiration to get you through the chilly month).

Reckon The New Year With Some Travel And Leisure

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, better known as the “Rose of the North,” serves as a constant reminder that Thailand is made up of more islands than just Phuket and Koh Samui. The ancient Lanna Kingdom’s capital enchants visitors with its leisurely pace and diverse culture.

Chiang Mai

  • Village of Doi Pui 

It’s true that this tiny Hmong village showcases a typical hill tribe house and provides details on the history of the various groups that have lived in the Thai mountains over the years. You can dress up in ethnic attire for a photo shoot if you’re feeling particularly touristy, and there are lots of little shops where you can buy hand-woven textiles, handmade jewelry, tea, and other goods. A bowl of hot khao soi, Chiang Mai’s well-known dish, should be ordered for lunch at one of the quaint eateries overlooking the lush landscape below. 

  • Chedi Luang Temple

Ruins are common to see in Chiang Mai or Thailand in general. But there’s something in particular lovely and menacing about Wat Chedi Luang. The Lak Muang Temple is a charming little temple located beneath a large gum tree, and tradition holds that the city would be destroyed if the large tree were to fall. Any time of day is a beautiful time to view the temple, but it is lovely at night when it is fully lit. 

Masai Mara 

Beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, and endless plains can be found in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. Because it is a birthing season, the Mara is the ideal location to visit if you want to watch young animals take their first steps.

Masai Mara

  • Governors Private Camp

The Masai Mara can be experienced privately and comfortably at the Governors Private Camp. The selling point of this upscale camp is the host, who also serves as the camp manager. The center is near a watering hole where various animals congregate, and hippos bring their young to play in the water. The Governors Private Camp then offers some top guides to help visitors: you will surely see some of Mara’s favorite animals because the trackers are highly trained to find unique wildlife. 

  • Mara River

The river rises in the highlands of Kenya and empties in Lake Victoria: the largest tropical lake in the world. The Mara Eden Safari Camp, located in the forest close to the river bank, is an excellent camp to enjoy the Mara River. Documentary filming teams frequently set up across the river to capture the wildebeest in motion.


Bogota, the capital and largest city of Colombia, is multicultural and diverse. Bogotá is an excellent location with entertainment, history, culture, delectable cuisine, and much more because of this fusion of the past and present. In January, Bogota has one big party. Every day there seems to be a celebration in and of itself, bringing joy and happiness to the entire nation.

  • Monserrate 

Monserrate, a towering structure of more than 3,000 meters, can be seen anywhere in town. There is a church at the summit, a well-liked location for local weddings, and a popular spot to enjoy the view. 

  • National Colombian Museum 

The oldest and largest museum in the nation is located in the center of Bogotá (and one of the oldest on the continent). It houses more than 20,000 works of art and historical artifacts, some dating back as far as 10,000 BCE. Although it appears intimidating, the structure was a prison before becoming a museum in 1946.



Even though London experiences chilly, frequently rainy winters, there is still plenty to enjoy at this time of year. The city is a humming hub of wonder and excitement; its dining and shopping are excellent. 

Because there are fewer visitors and shorter wait times, the attractions are more enjoyable. When traveling in January, you’ll have a wonderful trip to remember if you know what to anticipate.


  • The Buckingham Palace Guard Change

Buckingham Palace’s Changing of the Guard is one fascinating event that should not be missed. It starts at 10:45 AM outside Buckingham Palace and lasts for roughly 45 minutes (handover takes place at 11:00 AM). The Change of the Guard walking tour is a great way to learn more about this ceremony. 

  • Hogwarts in the Snow 

Explore the Warner Bros. studio in London to feel like you’re in Hogwarts during the winter. Hogwarts in the Snow is one of the busiest holiday destinations in London, with the Great Hall decorated with Christmas trees and long tables filled with treats like flaming Christmas pudding. 

  •  New Year’s Day Parade

As you join tens of thousands of spectators in celebrating, take in the colorful performers and the parade of floats from all over the world. 

You can purchase grandstand tickets or observe the parade free from the route.

Ras al-Khaimah

Ras al-Khaimah is one of the most distinctive travel destinations in the United Arab Emirates and is renowned for emulating the genuine gulf vibe. You can also include several adventure activities here besides art, culture, and cuisine that all boast of their rich histories.

Ras Al Khaimah

  • Jebel Jais 

Jebel Jais, a part of the Hajar Mountain Range and the tallest mountain in the UAE with a summit elevation of 1,934 meters, is located about 55 kilometers to the northeast of Ras Al-Khaimah. It’s one of the best locations for photographers, especially in the early evening when the sun sets and the orange-hued rocks glow.


Beijing is beautiful, and it has a vibrant past and present. Additionally, it becomes a mystical, icy wonderland in the winter. 


  • Today Art Museum 

After exploring Beijing’s magnificent outdoor attractions, head indoors to explore the city’s burgeoning contemporary art scene. Beijing’s Today Art Museum opened 20 years ago and is one of the city’s most significant galleries, showcasing local artists and fostering the next generation. 

You’re sure to find something thought-provoking, regardless of whether the most recent exhibits are photographs by Vivian Maier or neon light installations by Zheng Da. 

  • Longqing Gorge’s Ice Lantern Festival

The city annually holds an Ice Lantern Festival at Beijing’s Longqing Gorge to commemorate the winter season. Roll up and take in more than 400 extravagant ice sculptures that depict temples, dragons, and ice castles in ways that make it hard to believe they were chiseled by hand. 

Look around while you’re here to find more must-photograph sights, such as dance performances and fireworks displays. All of that creates a multi-sensory celebration of the icy season in addition to endless rainbows of vibrant lights. 

  • The Great Wall 

As far as first impressions go, you will never forget the sight of the Great Wall extending into the distance along the highest ridge of snow-covered mountains at great angles and getting smaller and smaller toward the horizon. Even though a wall is an amazing work of engineering and craftsmanship in and of itself, there is something truly magical about seeing it all covered in snow but with the details highlighted by a dusting of white stuff.


A sun lover’s paradise, Weligama, Sri Lanka, is a small surf town on the country’s central south coast. It has fantastic beaches, hip cafes, and lively nightlife. Visits in December and January are ideal because the monsoon season is over, and the golden coast is experiencing driver, sunnier conditions. 


  • Dive shop at Weligama Bay 

You can learn about the stunning dive sites in and near Weligama Bay and Mirissa with the aid of Weligama Bay Dive Center. You can be sure you’ll have a great time here as knowledgeable and skilled dive guides help you. 

  •  Kushtarajagala Statue

The significance of the 10-foot-tall Kushtarajagala Statue is up for debate. 

Locals think it’s a statue of a prince with a skin condition (kushta), but archaeologists believe it’s a Bodhisattva, a person who will achieve nirvana. 

Visitors can enter at any time, but locals worship this statue carved into the side of a boulder as a cure-all for illnesses. 

  • Handunugoda Tea Estate

The workers manage the tea plantation expertly, and different methods are also employed to guarantee that only the best tea leaves are filtered. Additionally, a store selling locally produced teas of various varieties exists.



When planning a vacation, consider visiting this city because it has all you may want to learn about and appreciate the local history, culture, and traditions. You may wander around and become lost in history while having fun in the here and now. In January, several of Rajasthan’s most well-known tourist destinations open their doors to welcome guests who come to enjoy the pleasant weather and magnificent scenery. Paragliding, hot air balloon rides, camping, and so on are especially enjoyable now.

In addition to its sights, the state comes alive with festivities and celebrations during this period. The Kite Festival, which takes place over three days in January, is another reason to consider extending your visit.

Furthermore, the winter months also host the Elephant Festival and the Jaipur Literature Festival, all of which are highly worth attending.


  • Amber Palace Fort

Amber Fort and Palace is a beautiful fort located on a mountaintop and home to an extravagant palace. It is one of Jaipur’s most recognizable landmarks and is both a historical landmark and a stunning work of architecture. Sheesh, Mahal, Shukh Niwas, and the Diwan-e-Khas are just a few impressive buildings within the fort. You cannot miss the spectacular nightly light and spectacular sound that puts the fort and its history to life.

  • Central Park

Central Park, located in the middle of Jaipur, is the largest park in the city.

Beautiful stone sculptures, a temple, musical fountains, and a 5 km walking/jogging path. The National Flag, which flutters on a pole 206 feet high all day and night, is a notable feature of the area. As a result of its rich avian fauna, the site is very popular with birdwatchers.

  • Raj Mandir

Raj Mandir, a meringue-shaped movie theatre complex, has fascinated movie lovers since 1976. The theater’s expansive and opulent furnishings, magnificent ceiling architecture, and indirect lighting system all provide a great environment for watching movies. 

One of the most well-liked activities in Jaipur for couples is seeing a Bollywood masala movie. 


Turkey’s coastal towns never lose their luster, even in the off-season, and the country’s natural treasures radiate in a new way with all of their frozen lakes, ice-covered mountains, and snow-covered caverns.

It offers a variety of wintertime activities, such as skiing, hot air balloon rides, and relaxing in outdoor hot springs. Take a hammam treatment, hit the slopes, or explore remote archaeological sites without the crowds as you stroll through Istanbul’s streets with the locals. You won’t forget Turkey’s winter, which is a special treat.


  • Goreme Open Air Museum

In the old, historic neighborhood of Göreme, in the Nevsehir province of the Cappadocia region of central Turkey, you can find the Göreme Open Air Museum. 

Built by the Cappadocians in the first decade of the tenth century, these are monasteries carved out of solid rock and decorated with exquisite frescoes. 

  • Derinkuyu Underground City

Every traveler is fascinated by Cappadocia’s attractions, and Derinkuyu Underground City is one of these enthrallingly fascinating locations. 

The Derinkuyu Underground City, 60 meters below the earth, is the deepest underground city in Cappadocia. 

This underground city’s family rooms and communal areas are connected by passages, tunnels, stepped pits, and corridors. These spaces are well-planned with wells, chimneys for air circulation, niches for oil lamps, stores, water tanks, and stables where people and their cattle can stay safe from enemy attacks for months.



Grenada’s exports of aromatics aren’t its only benefit. Grenada also has lovely weather and a lot of beautiful natural scenery. Imagine tree-covered hillsides, 300-year-old plantations, pink flowers, hot springs, and cascading waterfalls.   


  • Grand Anse Beach

Grenada’s most well-known beach, Grand Anse, is encircled by coconut palms, almond trees, and sea grapes. This three-kilometer stretch of golden sand and tranquil surf draws crowds of tourists from cruise ships. 

Spice Island Beach Resort, a premier luxury all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, is a short distance from the beach and one of the island’s most well-known boutique hotels.

  • Carenage 

The inner harbor and anchorage, also known as the Carenage, is the busy heart of St. George’s. It’s a lovely place to stroll along the waterfront and take in the local scene. Fishermen unload their catch from colorful wooden schooners as locals haggle over the fresh catch of the day, and supplies are unloaded from container ships. 

You can also shop or unwind at a restaurant serving delectable snacks and fresh seafood. 

Yes, everyone enjoys making resolutions for the new year, but we frequently break them before the month is over. Why not promise yourself something you can easily keep? Let’s take more trips in 2023 to compensate for the ones we missed over the previous few years. 

A January trip will stoke your wanderlust, whether it’s the chance to celebrate a distinctive Asian tradition or a clever way to go on a safari and avoid the usual crowds.


Ashwini Kolar

An effervescent and talkative soul, Ashwini dreams about visiting every nook and corner of the world. When she is not writing, she is all things food and is busy either hunting for a restaurant or a recipe to cook!

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Escape the Ordinary: Top 10 Places to Visit In January