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The University of al-Qarawiyyin, also known as Al-Karaouine or Al Quaraouiyine, is a renowned educational institution situated in Fez, Morocco. Originally established as a mosque by Fatima al-Fihri between 857 and 859, it swiftly evolved into one of the most prominent spiritual and educational centers during the Islamic Golden Age.

In 1963, the university was integrated into Morocco's modern state university system, and two years later, it officially adopted the name 'University of Al Quaraouiyine.' The historical mosque building itself is a remarkable complex of Moroccan and Islamic architecture, incorporating elements from diverse periods in Moroccan history.

Throughout the centuries, the University of al-Qarawiyyin has attracted distinguished scholars and intellectuals from various parts of the Muslim world, fostering a culture of learning and cultural exchange. Today, it continues to hold its esteemed position as a center of higher education, preserving its historic legacy while embracing modern academic practices.

The roots of Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque trace back to the 9th century, and its current form is the culmination of an extensive historical evolution spanning over 1,000 years. Over the centuries, successive dynasties undertook expansions, transforming it into the largest mosque in Africa, accommodating up to 22,000 worshipers. Today, the mosque covers an expansive area of approximately half a hectare.

In essence, the mosque consists of several distinct elements. The large hypostyle interior space, known as the prayer hall, serves as the primary area for prayers. Surrounding this central space is a courtyard adorned with fountains, referred to as the sahn. Positioned at the western end of the courtyard stands a minaret, a signature feature of mosques, where the call to prayer is traditionally issued. Additionally, the mosque is complemented by various annexes situated around its perimeter.

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Address of Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque

327G+XMC, Fes, Morocco

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