Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias)

One of the most frequented museums in the Andalusia region is Science Park, which opened in the Distrito Ronda neighborhood of Granada in 1995. An interesting, interactive park and museum with a focus on scientific education for families is known locally as 'Parque de las Ciencias.' They combine a variety of subjects, including physics, chemistry, mechanics, astronomy, architecture, literature, and the humanities, including health, the environment, and the scientific legacy of Andalusian culture.


Choose from the many options available in the vast discipline as per your subject of interest:

When you first arrive, it is necessary to review the park's map and list of themed areas and attractions because the complex is made up of nearly 17 acres (7 hectares) of buildings and parklands. Don't forget to look at the offerings of the temporary exhibits as well. Selecting your top attractions and mapping out your route might help you make the most of your vacation because there is so much to see and see. At this engaging scientific museum and park, you may learn about some amazing things, from the inner workings of your body to the immensity of space.

Make a reservation for a show at the on-site planetarium to experience something truly extraordinary:

The Biodome is yet another fan favourite. As you move through this tropical haven, which is home to over 250 different plants and animals, do it gently and silently. Before saying hello to the lemurs and toucans, start with the fish and reptiles. There are knowledgeable animal keepers on hand who can educate you on the biology and habits of each of these critters.

Visit the Journey into the Human Body section if you want to learn more about how your body functions. The kids will adore this interactive experience. Find out how much water your bodies contain by having yourself weighed, or discover how the brain functions.

Explore the mighty domains of temporary exhibitions and stationed theme centres:

The Digital Planetarium, the Cultural Gallery, the Library, the Cinemas, the Auditorium, and the Windows to Science are a few of the attractions. There are exhibition spaces like the Observation Tower, the Tropical Butterfly House, the Astronomical Observatory, the 'Prey in Flight' Workshop, the Botanical Tours, the Maze, the Astronomy Garden, and the Mental Gymnastics Tent in this outdoor museum, which also has 27,000 square metres of green space.

There are other other displays that might interest you in addition to the famous areas of Perception, Eureka, Biosphere, and Explore.

Spend some downtime after an exhaustive perusal of the site:

Visit one of the two cafés for a break or enjoy a picnic on the lawn. For breathtaking views of Granada and the mountains nearby, climb the observation tower's 37 metres (121 feet) of elevation.

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Address of Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias)

Av. de la Ciencia, Granada, Spain

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Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias)

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