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The Peddamma Gudi Temple is one of the most well-known non-secular temples in all of Hyderabad, and it is situated in a prime location right in the middle of the city.

This temple is said to be older than 150 years, although it did not take on its current appearance until 1993, when the Rajagopuram was built.

Because of its architectural splendor and religious significance, it draws hundreds of devotees.

Things to do at the Peddamma Temple:

  • Embrace the sentiments of religion here:

The Peddamma temple is one of the oldest temples in Secunderabad. It is devoted to Goddess Lakshmi in an unusual posture, and Hindus have revered it as a particularly sacred spot for more than 150 years.

The terms 'peda' and 'amma,' which stand on their own, are where the word 'peddamma' comes from. Both of these words signify mother. Goddess Laxmi, also known as Santhan Laxmi, is the focus of worship at the Peddamma Temple, and she is depicted as being seated on a lion.

Therefore, the etymological significance of the word 'temple' alludes to the 'mother of all mothers,' which refers to God.

  • Admire the aestehtics:

In addition to the spiritual significance it holds for its congregation, visitors have long revered this temple for the stunning beauty of its construction and the natural setting it occupies.

  • Participate in unique rituals here:

People believe that their wishes would come true if they get darshan (eye contact) with the goddess Peddamma. One of the fundamental tenets adhered to at this temple is that if the coin placed on the chavidi of the Peddamma temple maintains its position at the top of the flagpole without toppling over, the person's wish will come true.

  • Festive occasions are celebrated here with a lot of pomp:

In addition to its notoriety, the Peddamma Temple is well-known for hosting several festivals throughout the year, during which devotees come from all over the state to seek blessings.

This temple observes the Bonalu Festival, which takes place between June and July, with great zeal and intensity. The Rathotsavam festival is another important one at the Peddamma Gudi Temple on Ratha Saptami.

  • Explore the neighborhood:

KBR National Park, Shilparamam, and Hi-tech city

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Address of Peddamma Temple

55 Road No 4, Hyderabad 500033 India

Opening & Closing time of Peddamma Temple

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