Al Rashid Mall

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Al Rashid Mall, the best mall in the Jazan region, provides a place for tourists and residents to get some great discounts. You will find all the brands you require when you visit this seaside city. The mall, which spans three stories and more than 50,000 square meters of retail space, is located in the heart of the city and is thus quite convenient for tourists exploring the area for the first time.

There is an excellent assortment of shops within, including boutiques and designer brands, as well as a wide range of jewelry, women's clothing, and accessories. The mall also has an entertainment area, including an arcade, Toyland, and a small ice skating rink. When at Jazan, savor recognizable eateries like Cinnabon and McDonald's and take some time to unwind.


  • Go shop at Avenue, where you can find the most exclusive area for all luxury enthusiasts. The collection here comprises of brands from the top hot designers, fashion houses, and trendy boutiques. With a long list of upscale clothing retailers, Al-Rashid Mall combines luxury with our sense of style. The motto of Avenue is that they want you to be special as you are, hence they bring all of the luxury goods to you.


  • After shopping, relax at Boulevard, which is The Perfect Shopping Adventure, with more than 2500 square meters, ladies can now enjoy their privacy, security, and the best shopping experiences within Al-Rashid mall, including dining establishments, beauty salons, jewelry stores, accessory shops, cafés, and numerous activities and events in the boulevard.

  • You may discover that choice at one additional retail location in the eastern province, allowing women to feel free to take pleasure in shopping and socializing with other women. Your day should be fun, memorable, and completely stress-free at Al-Rashid Mall because we think that great work starts with exceptional customer service.

Fun City:

  • If you up for some exciting fun, then visit Family Fun City, which is housed in the Al Rashid Mall, is a popular attraction for Saudi Arabian families. The whole family can enjoy the safe attractions, cuisine, and entertainment in Fun City's fun, clean environment. The most recent and intriguing games are accessible in our arcade. The Haunted Mansion, Family Guy pinball, Let's Go Jungle, and more of our over 90 games are available here. Everything is pay-per-play.

  • After a stroll around the mall, sit on one of the benches and adore the architectural rebirth that monarchy has experienced, the Al Rashid Mall design incorporates the most modern international building and processing techniques with Arab-Islamic architectural history. To take advantage and minimize their limitations, the design of the mall was based on in-depth field research on the most significant and largest shopping malls in the USA and Europe.
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Address of Al Rashid Mall

Prince Mohammad Bin Nasser Rd, Jazan Saudi Arabia

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