Faisaliyah Shopping Center

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Nestled in the bustling metropolis of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Faisaliyah Shopping Center stands tall as a beacon of culture, commerce, and community. This architectural masterpiece is not just a mere shopping destination; it is a melting pot of tradition and modernity, encapsulating the essence of Arabian hospitality and luxury shopping.

The grand atrium welcomes you with a dazzling display of modern art and traditional Arabic motifs, celebrating the harmony of two distinct worlds. As you explore further, a vibrant bazaar unfolds before your eyes, presenting an array of boutiques and local artisans side by side. The diverse mix of global luxury brands and authentic Arabian craftsmanship creates a unique shopping experience catering to every visitor's desires. From Eastern delicacies to international gourmet delights, the array of dining options is sure to satiate any craving.

One cannot overlook the central courtyard, where a splendid oasis beckons weary shoppers to unwind. Palm trees, flowing fountains, and cozy seating areas provide a serene retreat amid the bustling activity of the mall. This thoughtful integration of natural elements further showcases the mall's commitment to creating a harmonious space that embraces both humanity and the environment.

How to explore Faisaliyah Shopping Center?

- Explore a diverse range of luxury boutiques and local artisan shops

- Indulge in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and international gourmet delights

- Relax in the serene central courtyard surrounded by lush greenery, fountains, and pigeons.

- Take evening strolls to experience the enchanting ambiance of the illuminated mall.

- Engage in cultural events and performances that showcase Arabian traditions.

- Attend workshops and demonstrations by local artisans and craftsmen.

- Enjoy family-friendly activities and entertainment options for all ages.

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    3 hours

Address of Faisaliyah Shopping Center

F5MM+V63, Al-Balad, Jeddah 22233, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Faisaliyah Shopping Center

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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