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Kansas City is known for its beautiful fountains that attract tourists from around the world. These fountains are scattered throughout the city, from the historic Country Club Plaza to the downtown core, offering visitors an opportunity to explore and appreciate the city's diverse culture. The fountains are not only beautiful but also offer an insight into the city's rich history and development.


The Kansas City fountains were first installed in the early 20th century as part of an effort to improve the city's water supply system. Over time, the fountains became a symbol of the city's vision and prosperity, and many were installed as memorials to honor notable Kansas City leaders. Today, visitors can enjoy over 200 fountains along with beautifully landscaped parks and public spaces that enhance the city's appearance and charm.

Crown Center Square Fountain:

Visitors can start their tour of Kansas City fountains with the famous J.C. Nichols fountain located in the Country Club Plaza. It was commissioned in 1910 and symbolizes the city's connection to Europe, as it features four horseback riders symbolizing the four great rivers of the world. Next, visitors can head to the downtown area and visit the Crown Center Square Fountain, designed by Valerie Jaudon. This fountain is a massive checkerboard that lights up at night, and children can play in the water jets during the summer months.

Other attractions:

Visitors can also experience some of the newest installations like the Kauffman Memorial Garden Fountain in Midtown, which was built in 2006. This fountain celebrates Ewing M. Kauffman's life, a great philanthropist, and entrepreneur, who founded the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Another popular fountain nearby is the City Hall Fountain, which is the city's tallest water feature, standing 56 feet high.

The Kansas City fountains are not just a visual spectacle but also a cultural and historical symbol of the city. Every fountain has its unique story, which reflects the city's rich past and present. Kansas City is a veritable playground for fountain enthusiasts, with fountains of every shape and size located throughout the city. It's worth taking the time to explore this amazing feature and experience the colorful spirit of the city's landscape. So the next time you're in Kansas City, make sure to take a stroll and appreciate the beauty of the city's iconic fountains.

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