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The former Chalutiers Basin of the Old Port in La Rochelle, in the region of France known as Charente-Maritime, is now home to the maritime museum known as Le Musée maritime de La Rochelle. 


  • Explore heritage fleet alongside models and artifacts: 

The maritime museum in La Rochelle, known as the Musée Maritime, comprises three ships, each designated as a historical monument. The exhibits of the marine museum are housed on these ships.  The Angoumois, a vintage fishing trawler that was among the last to operate in the waters off La Rochelle, the meteorological ship France I, which was built in 1958, and the tugboat Saint-Gilles, which was the final vessel in France to use a reversible engine, are the three ships that are open to the general public and can be explored. There are also five additional boats on display, but visitors cannot enter them at the Maritime Museum. These include a dredger built in 1906, several frigates, and the yacht Joshua, which was sailed around the world by Bernard Moitessier, making him the first person to do so solo. 

  • You can do a deeper dive into historic maritime knowledge with the help of resourceful bargains: 

Docents are available throughout the museum to respond to any of your inquiries and provide an in-depth explanation of any of the items on display. Visitors can tour the ships and view exhibits detailing the turbulent maritime history of La Rochelle, including the many battles that took place there and the time when it served as an important trading hub. There are a variety of artifacts on display at the museum, some of which include old boats of various sizes, cabins, engines, and other components. 

  • On-land spaces help plan a day out:

Except for the ship France I, the Maritime Museum features over 2,000 square meters of space available for rental, a picnic area, a restaurant, and free parking in the surrounding area. You have the opportunity to connect your events with the maritime identity of the museum in an exceptional setting and by using unique formulas, thanks to all of these spaces, which provide you with the opportunity. 

  • It is possible to visit any of the ships in the heritage fleet in conjunction with a private event:

During its operating hours and outside of those hours, the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle makes a variety of exceptional spaces available for use by individuals, businesses, institutions, and associations. The organization of exclusive gatherings such as breakfasts, dinners, prestigious evenings, private visits, public meetings, seminars, and conferences. 

  • If you are an individual, a group, or an artist, as well as a business, you have the opportunity to reserve and invest in the museum's iconic spaces: 

You have the opportunity to connect your events with the maritime identity of the museum in an exceptional setting and by using special formulas, thanks to all of these spaces, which provide you with the opportunity. 

  • Uncover treasures in the Terra section:

This section can be found behind the Encan Space in a series of tiny pavilions covered in colorful textile 'chips.' His collection includes eight ships, six of which have been recognized as historical monuments. 

  • Participate in unique activities that are engaging and entertaining:

Learn about the maritime history of La Rochelle by experiencing your events at the quay while you are sailing on one of the vessels that have been designated as Historic Monuments. One such vessel is the renowned meteorological frigate. Because of the efforts of the Association of Friends of the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle, visitors to the museum now have the opportunity to sail on some of the ships that are on display, including the Joshua. 

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Address of Musée Maritime de La Rochelle

Place Bernard Moitessier, 17031, La Rochelle, France

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