Old Stock Exchange

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The Old Stock Exchange is a well-known symbol that can be found right in the middle of the city. A quadrangle of twenty-four houses virtually identical to one another surrounds a large courtyard in this structure.

Today, the courtyard serves as a popular meeting place for various people, including people selling books and flowers, people playing chess, tourists, and other visitors.


Take time to delve into the details and appreciate the architectural gem it is:

Located smack dab in the middle of the action, this Flemish-style gem is a crowning achievement in urban design. Julien Destrée was responsible for the original stock exchange construction, which took place between 1652 and 1653. The city was still under Spanish control when it was built, so the architecture reflects that era.

It is a pure product of the Flemish Renaissance that occurred in the 17th century and is adorned with garlands of fruit, richly ornamented trumeaux, and the horns of plenty.

Understand the abstract meaning behind the installation of the statue:

The 'temple of commerce' is dominated by a statue of Mercury, the patron god of merchants, and the building itself bears his name.

During the 19th century, the stock exchange was happy to host representatives from the mining and coal industries, rapidly expanding in the area.

Attend special events to witness this place in high spirits:

On this special occasion, the courtyard is decked with paintings and commemorative plaques to honor the significant people who contributed to the world's industrialization. It is the recipient of the bookstores and, on some Sundays, the Tango dancers.

A pique of curiosity: if you look through the facade, you will see the logos of modern companies. This is a tribute to the customers who helped with renovations at the very end of the 20th century.

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Address of Old Stock Exchange

Place du Theatre, 59000, Lille France

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