The View from Shard

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London is one of the most admirable and stunning cities on the entire globe, in our opinion. But you simply can't enjoy anything from the ground level, and you need to go higher to witness the best. To see this city's beauty from the sky, visit The Shard. View from the Shard lets you stand on an incredible 800 feet (244 meters) above the earth and take in some of the city's most expansive vistas.

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the London skyline, The Shard is one of the city's most well-known structures. It was completed in 2012, rises 309 meters tall, and has 95 stories. It is the 7th tallest building in Europe and the second free-standing tallest structure in the United Kingdom. The View from The Shard has a viewing platform and sky-high bar that has welcomed guests since 2013. It is the most popular attraction in London without a doubt. 

What to do at The View from Shard? 

  • Cloudscape, located on the 68th floor, is an interactive display that simulates the sky above London and its various clouds.
  • Over 200 well-known sites can be viewed through a series of interactive telescopes on the 69th floor. 
  • The Shangri-La Hotel is home to Europe's highest swimming pool, located on the 52nd floor for guests' use.
  • Chinese food of the highest caliber is served with sweeping views of London. 

What's not to love about London's Sky-High Northern Chinese Restaurant Hutong At The Shard? 

  • If you are on a search for one of the most romantic restaurants in London, then Hutong scores higher in 'romance' than any other restaurant in London. Each table for two gets its own floor-to-ceiling glass window in a vertical corridor.
  • The Shard is the location to be if you want strong-flavored coffee. The Flat White and Cappuccino Cake make a bold pairing at Caffe Nero.
  • Oblix West, which is situated on the 32nd floor of The Shard, provides views of Westminster and St. Paul's Cathedral. 
  • The Josper Oven, Charcoal Grill, and Rotisserie are the focal points of the open-plan kitchen at the Shard, which aims to highlight the finest of European and British products.
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Address of The View from Shard

32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom

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