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Lyon's old town is a must-see destination. Vieux Lyon refers to the original medieval city. It was constructed on the Saône river's west bank, at the foot of the Fourvière hill, west of the Presqu'île. UNESCO has designated Vieus Lyon as a World Heritage Site. The historic town of Lyon is located between the Saône River and Fourvière. It was once the center of Lyon's silk industry, with as many as 18,000 looms in operation in the mid-16th century.

Many of the city's wealthiest residents resided in exquisite townhouses, more than 300 of which still survive today. However, because space was limited, several tiny passageways known as traboules were built.

They are a fascinating attraction that should not be missed. In the local jargon, they're referred to as incontournables. Built perpendicular to the Saône, they solved the problem of not having enough space to develop a traditional network of roadways by connecting the numerous structures.

Best things to see and do: 

A trip to Lyon would not be complete without a visit to Vieux Lyon. The optimum approach is from the northeast. Continue along the Quade la Pêcherie through the Marché des Bouquinistes, over the pont La Feuille, and then either down along the true right bank of the river or forward to place, Saint Paul.

In Lyon's old town, along the river, you'll discover artisanal stallholders selling excellent sculptures, fabrics, jewelry, paintings, knitwear, and endless possibilities to practice your colloquial French through eavesdropping or stallholder conversation.

Musee du Cinema et de la Miniature: 

When you think about it, a gallery of exhibitions and miniatures about cinema couldn't be more dissimilar, but the Musee de Cinéma et de la Miniature in Old Lyon brings them together in the most spectacular way. This is a fantastic family-friendly afternoon out, with something to suit every taste. On the subject of cinema, the museum contains a magnificent collection of artifacts from all genres.

Musée des Automates: 

Did you just hear the phrase animated puppets? It may sound unusual, and it certainly isn't your typical afternoon out, but what a fantastic opportunity to discover this great niche! The Musee des Automates in Old Lyon features 20 settings with a variety of mechanical puppets. Soare old-fashioned, while others are more modern, and here is a place of fantasy and magic that is suitable for both adults and children.

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