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Madinah's first ever cemetery is Jannatul Baqi and it is located to the southeast of the Prophet's Mosque. As a prominent Islamic site in the Hejazi region, it is also known by the name Baqi al-Gharqad. The tombs of the Prophet Muhammad's relatives and a number of his associates are located in this cemetery. The largest cemetery in the city, also known as the Garden of Heaven, is home to at most 10,000 graves of the Prophet Muhammad's companions. This cemetery occupies 175,000 m2.

In September 622 CE, when Prophet Muhammad came to Madinah, the land of Al-Baqi was covered with Arabian boxthorns. The Garden of Heaven is known as Jannatul Baqi. Another name for it is Baqi al-Gharqad, which translates to Orchard of Box Thorn Trees. A plot of land with various flora is referred to as a baqi. Although the word baqi specifically refers to land with trees or tree relics, such as roots or trunks, it is linked to the word biqa, which means a broad area of land. These trees can be found throughout the Arabian peninsula and are used in traditional medicine.

According to historical scriptures, when the Prophet Muhammad arrived in the city, a large number of Madinah dwellings started building close to this land. The area was later converted into a public cemetery for Madinah's Muslims. It is known that the Prophet Muhammad used to pray inside the cemetery and also participated in the funerals.

The graves at this revered cemetery are not open to everyone. Only individuals who passed away in Madinah City are admissible here.

How to explore Jannatul Baqi?

- It has three entrances: the main entrance is on the western side, with secondary entrances on the north and east sides. Visitors and those who are being buried use this entryway.

- The region known as Bayn al-Haramayn, which formerly housed Ahl al-Bayt homes and a market, is located between Jannatul Baqi and Masjid Nabawi. These have been replaced by a plaza made of white marble.

- From Jannatul Baqi's entrance, you can now see the eastern entrances of Masjid Nabawi.

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Address of Jannatul Baqi

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Saleh District, Bani Khudrah, Medina 42313, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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