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The Asamkirche is a beautiful church that can be found in southern Germany. The church can be found on Sendlinger Strasse and has a magnificent facade. Even though it was built between 1733 and 1746 with the intention of being a private, gilded spiritual retreat for the owners, there was interest from the general public in touring the property.

  • Learn about the history:

Although the Asam were masters of the baroque period, it was in their private chapel that their extravagant rococo tastes were most apparent. In recognition of them, the building that is formally known as the Church of Saint Johann Nepomuk is more commonly known as the Asamkirche (or Asam Church).

  • The interior is composed of three levels, which contributes to the magnificence and propmt ponder:

Due to the fact that the Church Site was initially a private chapel, it has a few characteristics that set it apart from traditional canonical churches.

The area of the church where the congregation sits is fairly dim and gloomy, which is meant to symbolise the suffering that exists in the world.

When you look up into the heavens, the church becomes more illuminated, which brings you closer to the divine.

On the middle level, which served as the Emperor's private quarters, there are decorations in white and blue colours.

The fact that the Emperor sits above the common people is another symbol of the social hierarchy that existed during that time period.

The highest point of the level, which is well-lit and faces the sky, is set aside as a place of worship for God and eternity.

  • The complexities of visual art provide the viewer with a visual delight:

The ornate interior of the church is absolutely stunning, despite the fact that it is a relatively small church by Bavarian standards. The focal point of this magnificent facade is a statue of Saint John of Nepomuk, which is supported by columns that rise above the street entrance.

A sculpture in the area close to the entrance portal depicts a skeletonized figure of death preparing to cut the umbilical cord of a helpless soul while holding a pair of scissors. The sculpture is gilded.

A memento mori that is incredibly detailed can be found among the ornamentation.

  • Appreciate the many works of sculpture, mural art, and plasterwork that can be found inside:

The interior is adorned with a wealth of stucco, paintings, and jewellery, all of which undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. The 'Life of Saint Nepomuk' ceiling fresco is considered to be one of the most important works created by Kosmas Damian Azam.

  • Decide to visit this for sdoalce and quietness:

Within the confines of the church, one can find a humble confessional. This location also hosts the weekly church services.

  • In the neighborhood:

Next to the church is where you'll find the Asam House, which was originally purchased by Egid Quirin Asam back in the 18th century.

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Address of Asamkirche

Sendlinger Street 32, 80331 München, Germany

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