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By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   15 May 19

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Selfie craze has taken over our life and we are missing out on the little enjoyable moments of life, and in some cases even life itself. This is why these places have put a stop to it.

Top 11 Places that Have Banned Selfies

Garoupe, France

Garoupe, France

They have named it “No Braggies Zone”. This is for people who take selfies and brag about their holidays to people back home with their social media posts.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Hajj Selfie

The Saudi Arabian government put a ban on selfies, photos and videos in 2017. This was done when the government saw it to be a touristy distraction from the prayers and rituals that were taking place. The selfie trend was also destroying the tranquility and humility required for the acts of worship. The government issued a statement that, “In the case of any violation of the ban, security guards have been instructed to confiscate the photos and the camera if needed.”

Mumbai, India

Marine Drive in Mumbai, India.

Selfies have been banned in 15 hot spots, including the Marine Drive promenade, Powai Lake Dam, Bandstand, and Girgaum Chowpatty beach. The action was taken after a series of selfie related deaths.

Pamplona, Spain


Participants in the “Running of the Bulls” event are restricted to not take selfies and this has been there since 2014. This regulation is to protect participants from getting injured.

Van Gogh Musuem, Netherlands

Van Gogh Musuem

Located in Amsterdam, the museum has banned photography altogether. This is to avoid the hustle other visitors face during the visit due to these selfie mania. However, they do have a few designated areas like the entrance hall and “selfie-walls” where people can click a few snaps.

Disney Parks

Disney Parks

Not exactly selfies, but Disney parks across the world have banned selfie sticks. The handheld extension poles, as they have named it are a concern for safety. The ban has been there since 2015.

Colosseum, Rome


No selfie sticks are allowed as the authorities see them as a weapon for damage and destruction for the historic monument. The director of Colosseum described the handheld sticks as being “extremely dangerous.”

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California

They are cute and cuddly, but wild bears are definitely not made to pose with you. They can harm you and this is why Lake Tahoe has banned it. Never ever approach a bear for a selfie.

Palace Museum, China

China Palace Musuem

This famous tourist attraction in Beijing which is also popular as the Forbidden City has put a ban on selfie sticks since 2015. The museum authorities fear that the may touch the glass exhibition case and cause damage to the cultural relics.

South Korea


The South Korean government has passed a law banning the selfie sticks since 2014. They state that the Bluetooth-enabled devices cause harm to other electronics & they malfunction. People found selling the sticks are fined or face prosecution too.

Mai Kho Beach, Thailand

Mai Khao Beach

Taking a selfie with low flying had become a trend few years ago. But this is extremely dangerous too. This is why Thai government has strict punishments — including the death penalty — for taking selfies in front of the popular low flying planes.

P.S: In addition to these places, we wish selfies were banned in Starbucks (especially when it has you drinking a coffee), beaches & mountain peaks around the world and of course gym & bathroom. It would make the world (Ok at least Instagram) a better place.

Let us know the kind of selfie that you hate the most.

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