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Have you ever thought of exploring an extraordinary remote island on earth? If yes, then St Helena Island is for you! It is one of the few fascinating places on earth that is untouched by development. Till few years back, St Helena Island was accessible only by postal ship. Now the island is accessible by Saint Helena Airport. You can get on a flight to St Helena and explore its most varied heritage and nature. Breathtaking views, rugged coastline, inviting waters, there’s more than you think. Look no further to explore this remote volcanic outpost of the South Atlantic Ocean.

Interesting Fact about St Helena – Famous personality Napoleon Bonaparte spent his last six years here.

Here’s a complete guide on must visit places in St Helena

The Residence of Napoleon, Longwood

The Residence of Napoleon, Longwood

Experience how Napoleon, the French Emperor lived and spent his time on the St Helena Island. Though most of the house is renovated and most of the objects have been moved out, the house still has a museum. Visitors can see the exact replicas of the historical objects and furniture. There’s a beautiful garden around too for some quick relaxation.

Jacob’s Ladder, Jamestown

Jacob's Ladder, Jamestown

Jacob’s Ladder is an amazing attraction that can be seen in the capital of St Helena, Jamestown. It is an inclined surface with almost 700 steps that connects the Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow. Materials from farming fields are brought down through the Jacob’s Ladder. There are railings on both sides of the ladder to move the cart. If you are fit enough for strenuous exercise, do climb the ladder.

Heart-Shaped Waterfall

Heart-Shaped Waterfall

A visit to the Heart-shaped Waterfall would awaken your inner romantic self. The waterfall runs mostly during winter and early spring seasons. The 90 m long waterfall is fed by winter rains. Do not miss the stunning walk around while enjoying the remarkable views of beautiful subtropical vegetation.

High Knoll Fort

High Knoll Fort

High Knoll Fort is the most prominent and the most complete military installations on the island. The fort was built as a redoubt for the island in the event of invasion. The High Knoll Fort offers fantastic scenic views of the St Helena Island. The fort is located 584 meters above sea level overlooking Jamestown.

Diana’s Peak National Park

Diana's Peak National Park

Located 823 meters above sea level, Diana’s Peak is the highest point on the island. Explore the dense trees, exotic flora and fauna, and endemic species of the National Park. Explore the slopes filled with tree ferns and black cabbage trees which dominate the excellent landscapes here.

Here’s a complete guide on must do things in St Helena

The water around the St Helena Island offers enough opportunities for tourists. Everyone can enjoy a range of activities from hiking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, to fishing.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Snokerling on the Helena Island

The clear warm waters and marine life on the island are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.  The wrecks located around the coast are popular for diving and snorkeling sites. Few of the popular diving sites include Buttermilk Point, Cat Island Main, Cat Island, Egg Island, Cavalley Point, Long Ledge, Ladies Chair, Robinsons and Thompson’s Valley Island.

Packing list for snorkeling and scuba diving: Mask, snorkel, defogger, two swimsuits, rash guard, fins, snorkeling bag, underwater camera, coral safe sunscreen, personal GPS, weight pockets, dive computer, whistle or surface noisemaker, dive flag, etc.

Hiking trails

Walking and hiking

The island can be described as hiker’s paradise due to its rugged surfaces. The walking excursions in the island include Post Box Walks, footpaths, Diana’s Peak Tour, donkey walking and Festival of walking. These walking excursions designed by St Helena Nature Conservation Group provide an opportunity to access a wide range of landscapes of the island. Enjoy hiking as well as cycling on the dedicated routes and embrace the beauty of the island.

Don’t miss: Festival of Walking is the annual event which is the best way to enjoy the diverse walks on the island. The Festival of Walking will be held from 07 – 29 April 2018.

Hiking tips

  • Always walk as a group
  • Take a mobile phone with you
  • Take plenty of water and a small snack
  • Do not jump down it may result in twisted ankle
  • Don’t leave your footprints on the island (Take litter along with you)

Things to Know about St Helena Before You Travel

Climate of St Helena Island:

  • The island is hot during January and March.
  • The months between June and September are pretty cool.
  • From March to early May and July to September the island experiences rainy season.

Flights to St. Helena from Dubai – Saudi Airlines, Oman Air, South African Airlines

Flights to St. Helena from Riyadh – Saudi Airlines, Emirates, South African Airlines

Flights to St. Helena from Kuwait – Gulf AIr, Emirates, South African Airlines

Flights to St. Helena from Cairo – EgyptAir, Saudia, South African Airlines

Hotels We Recommend – There are 3 hotels on the island along with a number of guest houses, some bed & breakfast establishments as well as self-catering accommodation. Check budget hotel accommodations before you travel.


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Off the Beaten Path Excites You? We Got an Apt Destination for Your Wanderlust