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Situated in the central region of Perth, Western Australia, Elizabeth Quay is a beautiful waterfront precinct that graces the banks of the Swan River. The redevelopment project has successfully revitalized the area, turning it into a bustling entertainment, leisure, and tourism center.

The Elizabeth Quay project was conceptualized as a versatile development initiative with the goal of revitalizing the region into a lively waterfront destination. The project involved careful organization and close collaboration among a team of architects, urban designers, and landscape architects.

The Swan River Pedestrian Bridge stands out as an iconic feature of Elizabeth Quay. The magnificent bridge connects the quay and the southern bank of the river, offering a picturesque route for both pedestrians and cyclists to traverse the water.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Elizabeth Quay plays a crucial role as a transportation hub, providing a ferry terminal for both river cruises and passenger services. Visitors can take picturesque cruises along the Swan River and discover the stunning waterways of the city.

Things to do at Elizabeth Quay

  • Enjoy the Waterfront: Walk along the promenade and enjoy the Swan River's picturesque views. Observe the passing ships and yachts, or simply unwind on one of the benches or grassy areas.

  • Take a River Cruise: Experience the beauty of the Swan River by taking a picturesque river cruise from Elizabeth Quay. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the city skyline, bridges, and natural surroundings while smoothly cruising along the water.

  • Visit the Island Playground: For those traveling with kids, be sure to visit the Island Playground. Experience the joy of nature-inspired play equipment, a refreshing splash pad, and a relaxing sandpit while taking in the stunning panorama.

  • Hire a Bike or Segway: Discover the beauty of Elizabeth Quay and its surrounding area on wheels by renting a bike or Segway from one of the nearby rental outlets. Riding around and exploring the sights is made enjoyable and effortless with this mode of transportation.

  • Relax in the Gardens: Find a peaceful oasis amidst the beautifully maintained gardens at Elizabeth Quay. Indulge in a delightful picnic, immerse oneself in reading books, or enjoy the serene environment surrounded by lush greenery.
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Address of Elizabeth Quay

The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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