Formerly known as Perth Arena, RAC Arena is a multipurpose indoor arena in the center of Perth, Western Australia. It is located in the city's entertainment district and is a popular venue for sporting events, concerts, and other live events.

The arena can hold up to 15,000 people for concerts and up to 14,500 people for sports events, making it one of the biggest indoor arenas in Australia.

The arena is renowned for its innovative and modern design. The venue's facade is comprised of a series of steel arches, lending it a unique appearance. The design incorporates contemporary architectural elements that enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Things to do at RAC Arena

  • Attend a concert: Both well-known and rising artists from all over the world regularly perform at RAC Arena in concerts of all genres. The venue's exceptional sound quality and electric atmosphere make it perfect for everything from mainstream bands to acclaimed solo artists. Visitors can find out whether there are any exciting forthcoming shows at the arena by checking their event calendar or ticketing websites.

  • Experience a sporting event: For sports enthusiasts, attending a sporting event at RAC Arena can be a thrilling experience. The versatile arena has hosted a wide range of events, including basketball games, tennis matches, mixed martial arts competitions, and various other activities. The arena offers an electrifying atmosphere to experience live sports action, whether you're rooting for your beloved team or witnessing a high-energy showdown.

  • Visit the merchandise stands: At RAC Arena, visitors can typically find merchandise stands readily available during concerts and sporting events. For enthusiasts of the performing artist or sports team, exploring the available merchandise is a delightful option. Show your support by acquiring memorabilia, t-shirts, posters, or other keepsakes that mark the event.

  • Explore the Surrounding Entertainment Precinct: Located in the bustling entertainment hub of Perth, the RAC Arena is a premier venue that offers a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. One can explore the nearby streets and discover a variety of dining options, bars, and other entertainment venues either before or after an event. Whether it's a delectable meal before a show or a delightful celebration after an event, there are numerous options available to cater to particular preferences.

  • Explore the Amenities: The Arena provides a variety of amenities to enhance the visitor experience. Explore the cuisine and beverage outlets located within the arena. Grab a refreshment or a drink before the performance or during the intermission. Cafes, fast-food restaurants, and even specialty food vendors may be available.
  • imageDuration Required
    4 hours

Address of RAC Arena

700 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Opening & Closing time of RAC Arena

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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