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Islamia College Peshawar has been at the forefront of defending its ideological and geographical borders, entirely in keeping with its significant contribution to making Pakistan's dream a reality. It has constantly worked to instill lofty goals, exceptional character, and superior talents in the young of this province and the country over the last century.


• Learn about the laurels earned by this pioneering center:

It is the pinnacle of the Aligarh Movement and represents the harmonious fusion of the Aligarh and Deoband Schools of Thought.

Since 1913, diamonds have been skimmed at this magnificent study center, which serves as the cradle of the Pashtun intelligentsia.

Furthermore, Islamia College Peshawar was meant to become the mother institution of universities and several colleges on its campus.

This achievement is credited to Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum, also known as The Sir Sayyed of the Frontier, and his genuine associates who established Islamia College Peshawar in 1913.

• Observe trailblazing influences on architecture:

The institution that represents academic brilliance, Islamia College Peshawar, has a long history. Its structure is the most outstanding representation of Muslim civilization in south Asia, and its verdant lawns draw tourists from all over the nation and overseas.

It is not only the pinnacle of the Aligarh Movement but a stunning synthesis of the Aligarh and Deoband Schools of Thought.

It also serves as the greatest endowment example. The college, which occupies 300 acres of land, has 1089 Jaribs of cultivable land in Harichand, Rai Killi, and Tarnab. Besides, 395 stores and apartments are in the main bazaars of Charsadda and Khyber Bazaar Peshawar.

• Witness academic brilliance that is time-honored:

The college has five faculties: fundamental and social sciences, natural sciences, legal and religious studies, technologies and engineering sciences, and arts and languages. Students frequently attend sports competitions between colleges.

The various sports available include hockey, cricket, football, cross-country, and more.

• Learn more about the management desk:

The Khyber Union Hall, which was constructed in 1942 and serves as the center of campus activities for students, oversees the university's organizations for Islamic culture, law, character development, hiking and adventure, theatre, creative art, and more.

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