Ramadan 2018 – 9 Amazing Iftar Tables from Around the World

By Monalisha Mallick

  ●   23 May 18

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Ramadan Iftar – the main meal of the day during the holy month plays an important role. It is kind of an event where family and community members gather to end their day’s fast and connect religiously and socially over some yummy food and drinks. The Iftar tables are a scene to watch out for as they have a full-course meal consisting of the soup, appetizers, salad, and main dishes.

Let’s take a look on Iftar tables from around the world. Get ready for a gastronomical journey.

The United Kingdom


Family gathers around a well decorated Iftar table with some lentil soup and pancakes on table to start with!


Turkish IftarImage source: theguideistanbul

Künefe and Bourek are the star attractions in a Turkish Iftar table.


Iftar in Egypt

Image Source: mohabraouf

Ful Mudammas, Falafel, and Koushari grace the tables in Egyptian Iftar table.


Lebanese IftarImage source: raniaka2014

Fish and kebabs are a must in Lebanon Iftar table.

The United Arab Emirates 

UAE IftarImage source: grace.m.atallah

An assortment of main dishes, dates, desserts, and fruits are on the table for a finger licking Iftar.


Morocco IftarImage Source: So Moroccan

Couscous & Zaalouk are the main star in Lebanon Iftar table.


BangladeshImage source: shadman.shahriar

Vegetable samosas and some fish dish is a must in Bangladesh Iftar table.

The United States of America


Dates & croissants with some cool lemon beverages would scintillate your senses on a Iftar table in the USA.



Nasi lemak and Laksha are the highlights on a Malaysia table.

Every region and nation has its own way of enjoying Iftar after breaking their fast. So what’s yours?

Monalisha Mallick

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Ramadan 2018 – 9 Amazing Iftar Tables from Around the World