Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque

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The Grand Mosque of Riyadh, also known as the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, is a historic house of worship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It carries Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad's name. This old mosque has recently undergone restoration in the exact location where it had existed for a long time. Seventeen thousand worshipers can fit inside at once, and it is one of Saudi Arabia's biggest mosques. Mostly brown Arriyadh limestone makes up the exterior and top part of the interior, which glows golden at night. White marble makes up the lower part of the interior. The building has separate libraries for men and women. The mosque won the Aga Khan International Prize for Architecture in 1415 AH (1995 AD) during the award cycle in the Indonesian city of Solo.

How to explore Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque?

  • Get a sense of the positive atmosphere and godly spirit when visiting this mosque during prayers.
  • Attend cultural programs at the mosque to learn more about the community.
  • Visit the mosque's libraries to discover more about Saudi rituals, traditions, and customs.
  • Go shopping in Deirah Souq market area outside the mosque, where you can buy all the holy things or souvenirs.
  • For giant hamburgers, go to a western restaurant named 'Broadway Cafe' on the same street as the mosque.
  • For delicious seafood buffets, go to this Austrian restaurant named 'Mozart' on the street where the mosque is located.

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Address of Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque

Al Imam Turki Ibn Abdullah Ibn Muhammad, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque

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