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For the purpose of conserving and showcasing the region's rich nautical legacy, the city of San Diego houses the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The museum is housed in a fleet of historic ships berthed in San Diego Bay. You can board and examine everything from a 19th-century sailing ship to a Cold War-era submarine.

Exhibits on navigation, shipbuilding, and oceanography complement the maritime history and culture exhibited at the museum. Guided tours, workshops, and even visits aboard the museum's ships are just some of the educational opportunities available to guests of all ages.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is open every day, but Christmas and Thanksgiving are the occasions when the museum hosts special events. Plan your visit during such events to make your visit full of fascination and awe. Anybody interested in marine history and culture will find the museum to be an intriguing stop on their visit to San Diego.

How to explore the Maritime Museum of San Diego?

  • The Star of India, the oldest operating sailing ship in the world, the HMS Surprise, a copy of an 18th-century Royal Navy frigate, and the USS Dolphin, a diesel-electric submarine in service from 1968 to 2007, are just a few of the significant ships in the museum's collection. Both the Californian, a copy of a revenue cutter from 1847, and the Berkeley, a steam ferry boat from the 19th century, have been restored to its original conditions and are open to public viewing. The ships are open for exploration, so you may get a feel for what it was like to live in a submarine or on a sailing ship.
  • Situated on San Diego Bay, the museum provides breathtaking views of the bay and its surroundings. You can enjoy a boat ride, a picnic, or just a stroll along the water's edge.
  • The museum houses a number of displays highlighting different aspects of maritime history and culture. The marine heritage of San Diego and the city's history in shipbuilding, oceanography, and navigation are all on display for curious sightseers.
  • Guided tours of the museum's historic vessels and displays are available. Insightful guides explain the significance of the vessels and relics on show throughout these trips.
  • Workshops, classes, and even voyages aboard the museum's ships are just some of the educational opportunities available to visitors of all ages. These courses offer engaging and instructive practical training.
  • The museum often features musical, theatrical, and dance performances that draw inspiration from marine traditions throughout the year.
  • This museum conducts a number of special events throughout the year, including the Festival of Sail, a procession of tall ships, and the Family Overnight Experience. Attend one of these events that offer an opportunity for families to spend the night aboard one of the museum's ships.

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Address of Maritime Museum of San Diego

1492 N Harbor Dr Discovery Pier, San Diego, CA 92101-3309

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