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A brand new museum can be found in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh, and it is called the Sharm El Sheikh Museum. The museum was established in 2021 with the purpose of exhibiting the cultural and historical legacy of the South Sinai Governorate. This includes the periods of Bedouin, Islamic, and Pharaonic history.


Take a close look at the artifacts:

The museum has approximately 5,200 artifacts that span the whole history of Egyptian civilization, from prehistoric periods all the way up to the present day.

This museum, which exhibits the historical legacy of Egypt, is a wonderful addition to the city of Sharm el Sheikh. The museum's exhibitions include relics, displays, and multimedia presentations, and they cover subjects such as the history of the area, the traditional way of life of Bedouins, as well as the flora and wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula.

Participate in ongoing shows and presentations:

Two full-size wooden boats were discovered at Dashur, and underneath there is a recreation of the inside of a tomb. The museum is home to a number of fascinating and fascinating artifacts that are beautifully spread out and lit to show them off to their greatest advantage.

Study the historical perspective of Egypt:

The exhibition scenario at the museum depicts many facets of human history and culture in general, with a special emphasis on ancient Egyptian civilization. The method that is used to achieve this goal is the methodical selection of historical artifacts from the storage areas of the museum.

Stroll by the beach:

This museum gives guests the opportunity to spend the morning reveling in the splendor of the city's beaches, engage in a variety of exciting water sports in the afternoon, and get insight into the culture of ancient Egypt in the evening.

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Address of Sharm al-Sheikh Museum

Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate 8761450, Egypt

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