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The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri is a unique and innovative attraction. It is an eclectic mix of art, history, and fun, all rolled into one.

The museum is located in the former International Shoe building, which has been transformed into a museum that exhibits repurposed architectural and industrial objects.

One of the museum's most iconic features is its 10-story slide, which starts at the roof and leads to the entrance. The slide is a thrilling way to descend several floors of the museum at once, and it's sure to get your heart racing.

Other attractions at the museum include a hamster wheel, two ball pits, and a circus ring. The museum also has an outdoor space known as the 'MonstroCity,' which features two Sabreliner 40 aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, a cupola, and many more. In addition to its many attractions, the City Museum also has an Art City located on the 4th floor.

Things to do at the City Museum:

  • Explore the indoor exhibits: The museum has several floors of indoor exhibits, including a collection of vintage pinball machines, architectural wonders, and a collection of art by local artists.

  • Slide down the 10-story slide - The museum's most famous attraction is the 10-story slide, which takes visitors down several levels of the museum in a thrilling ride.

  • Explore MonstroCity - Located in the outdoor area of the museum, MonstroCity features Sabreliner 40 aircraft fuselages, a fire engine, a cupola, a castle turret, four-foot-wide Slinkies , a slide, ball pits, and more.

  • Experience the circus ring - The museum has a circus ring where visitors can try their hand at juggling, balance on tightropes, and perform other circus tricks.

  • Play in the ball pit - The museum's giant ball pit is a fun activity for both kids and adults.

  • Take a guided tour - The museum offers guided tours that provide an in-depth look at the history and unique features of the attraction.

  • Visit the roof - The museum's roof features a ferris wheel, a slide ramp, a school bus, a 24-foot metal praying mantis, a metal ladder that leads to the exit at the top, and more.
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    3 hours

Address of City Museum

750 N 16th St, St. Louis, MO 63103, USA

Opening & Closing time of City Museum

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