Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

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The Strasbourg Cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture.

Before the 19th century, this building was the tallest structure in the Christian world.

To experience the peace of the cathedral without having to fight through crowds, plan your visit for the early evening.

Continue to stay so you can watch the setting sun turn the cathedral's facade golden.


  • Behold the exquisite and intricate architectural masterpiece:

It is one of Europe's most impressive examples of Gothic design. Amazingly, people could construct this magnificent cathedral hundred of years ago using only essential tools; at 142 meters (466 feet), it held the record for the tallest structure in the world from 1647 until 1874.

  • Get hypnotized by the beautiful and bewildering exterior facade:

The cathedral's exterior, which can be viewed from the outside, features one of the most beautiful illustrated books from the Middle Ages that you will ever have the opportunity to see.

The hundreds of sculptures that appear to leap out at you from the wall use light and shadow effects to a significant extent.

The color of the pink sandstone can shift depending on the time of day and the color of the sky. The lighting effects surrounding the cathedral in the evenings during the summer are absolutely stunning.

  • The tranquility will help you feel more at ease with yourself:

The interior of the building, specifically the long nave that runs through it, provides the perfect setting for introspection. In addition to the rose window, the stained-glass windows dating back to the 12th and 14th centuries make for a particularly stunning sight.

The extraordinary case of the enormous organ includes moving figures of various characters.

  • There is nothing that can adequately prepare you for the mysticism that you will feel upon first gazing at it:

The lace-like facade leads the viewer's eyes to soar buttresses, glaring gargoyles, and a 142-meter spire throughout the building.

The interior is illuminated with exquisite beauty thanks to stained glass windows dating from the 12th to the 14th century and includes a rose window resembling a jewel in the western portal.

At 12.30 in the afternoon, the Gothic-meets-Renaissance astronomical clock strikes solar noon. The clock features a parade of figures depicting Jesus with his apostles and the various stages of life.

  • Observe how the loftiness contributes to its beauty:

After ascending the winding spiral staircase to reach the viewing platform, the tower and its Gothic openwork spire rise 76 meters to the sky.

You are standing in the middle of the historic district of Strasbourg.

It has tiled gable windows and triangular rooftops, and towers and churches that are equally as picturesque as those found in any other city in Flanders.

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Address of Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France

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Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

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