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Addaas Mosque is located in Taif, Saudi Arabia, near the place where the historical interaction between Prophet Muhammad and Addaas took place. Addaas Mosque is historically significant as it marks the spot where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was offered grapes by one of his servants named Addaas during his visit to Taif.

The mosque holds a deep Islamic heritage and is a reminder of the compassionate encounter between Prophet Muhammad and Addaas. For history enthusiasts and those interested in Islamic heritage, a visit to Addaas Mosque offers a unique opportunity to learn about the significant encounter between Prophet Muhammad and Addaas. The mosque provides an ideal setting for visitors to reflect on the values of compassion, understanding, and tolerance as demonstrated in the historical incident.

Things to do at Addaas Mosque

Learn about the Historical Encounter: Explore the history of the mosque and learn about the significant encounter between Prophet Muhammad and Addaas, the Christian servant.

Pray and Meditate: Participate in prayers and take a moment for personal meditation, experiencing the serene and spiritual ambiance of Addaas Mosque.

Reflect on Compassion: Reflect on the values of compassion, kindness, and interfaith understanding demonstrated in the historical incident at Addaas Mosque.

Visit the Historical Site: Visit the area near the mosque where the historical interaction took place, further immersing yourself in the rich Islamic heritage.

Engage in Interfaith Dialogue: If the opportunity arises, engage in interfaith discussions with fellow visitors or mosque staff, fostering harmony and understanding among different religious communities.

Appreciate the Architecture: Admire the architectural elements of Addaas Mosque, appreciating the craftsmanship and design that reflect Islamic heritage.

Capture Moments: Take photographs of the mosque's serene surroundings and historical significance, capturing the essence of Addaas Mosque.

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Address of Addaas Mosque

795R+38G, Wadi Waj Rd, Al Mathnah, Taif 26511, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Addaas Mosque

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