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Atallah Supermarket is a well-established local market in Taif, known for its quality products and services. The supermarket generally operates during standard business hours, providing ample time for shopping. The supermarket is a family-owned business, reflecting the close-knit community values of Taif.

Atallah Supermarket offers a diverse range of products, catering to the various needs of residents and visitors. With a reputation for excellent customer service, the supermarket prioritizes the needs and preferences of its customers.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, Atallah Supermarket offers a budget-friendly shopping experience. Don't hesitate to seek assistance from the friendly staff, who are often willing to help with inquiries and recommendations.

Things to do at Atallah Supermarket

Shop for Local Products: Explore the diverse range of local products, including fresh produce, traditional snacks, and regional specialties unique to Taif.

Buy Souvenirs: Look for souvenirs and keepsakes to take back home, offering a taste of Taif's culture and flavors to friends and family.

Discover New Flavors: Try out various local snacks and delicacies available at the supermarket, immersing yourself in the flavors of Taif.

Engage with Locals: Strike up conversations with locals at the supermarket, learning more about their favorite products and recommendations.

Experience the Atmosphere: Embrace the vibrant atmosphere of Atallah Supermarket, bustling with shoppers and local energy.

Sample Fresh Produce: Explore the fresh produce section, choosing fruits and vegetables to enjoy during your stay in Taif.

Purchase Household Items: Shop for household essentials and daily necessities, making your stay in Taif comfortable and convenient.

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    1 hour

Address of Atallah Supermarket

6827 Muhamad Bin Abdul Wahab, 4939, Qurwa, Taif 26521, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Atallah Supermarket

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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