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Due to its historical significance and the existence of the well-known Jubrah Palace, Jubrah is regarded as one of Taif's most prominent neighborhoods in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was named in honor of Jabra of the Makhzoum tribe, who was the wife of Prince Mohammed bin Hisham, the governor of Makkah at the time and one of the princes of the Umayyad dynasty. 

Due to the elegance of its design, the beauty of its inscriptions, and its illustrious location, Jabra Palace has drawn the attention of poets and writers throughout history. It is also mentioned in numerous ancient Arab poems. 


  • The palace is perched atop a hill overlooking many luscious farms and orchards on the slopes of Wadi Jabra, which gets water from far-off sources and is filled with raging torrents during heavy rainfall. 
  • Old, traditional homes surround the palace, giving the area a charming historical beauty. Many tourists visit this area to take in the scenery, especially in the lovely Jabrah Park northeast of the palace.
  • It was constructed 1326 years ago and stood out for its natural setting on Wadi Jubrah, looking over a sizable collection of fields and orchards.
  • The palace still displays the elegance of its Islamic writings and extensive architectural history.
  • Despite its age, the palace still reflects a distinctive architectural style that blends Islamic, Roman, and conventional Hijaz construction. 
  • The palace has two stories, a sizable hall, a gorgeously ornamented entrance, and a fountain in the center of its courtyard. It also has numerous inscriptions on its walls and ceilings. 
  • The palace lobbies convey the tale of a rich history spanning many centuries, while the architecture is made of stones, stucco, and bricks of all forms and sizes. 
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Address of Jubra Historical House

Taif, Saudi Arabia

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