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The Kuthira Malika Palace, constructed in the 1840s by the famous Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, is a well-known landmark that provides a fascinating insight into Kerala's illustrious past. The 122 horses adorned on the many pillars support the southern roof of this spectacular tower. That is how the moniker earned the name 'Kuthira Malika,' which translates to 'Mansion of horses.' Originally, this palace was constructed to showcase and preserve the many different types of traditional art found in southern India. 

How to explore Puthenmalika (Kuthiramalika) Palace?

  • Take a leisurely stroll with one of the local guides and you will be mesmerized by the luxury and mystique of this palace. 
  • The famed Kuthira Malika Museum may be found within the palace grounds; it is a wonderful place for anyone interested in history and the aesthetic value of ancient artifacts. The museum houses priceless artifacts from the Travancore Dynasty. - Artifacts like wooden paintings and carvings, weapons, and idols made of the purest metal may be found at the museum, along with displays of the ethnic jewelry originally worn by the queens.
  • The halls are spacious and ornate, the carvings and paintings on the walls are flawless, and the museum exhibits are jaw-dropping because they exude pure regal splendor. 
  • There are 14 life-size Kathakali figurines on display, as well as tall and elegant Belgian and Italian mirrors, glamorous and enormous crystal chandeliers, paintings, a giant harpoon brought all the way from Belgium, numerous armaments, antique musical instruments, impeccably designed traditional furniture, and marvelous Greek statues. 
  • It also features two of the thrones used by Travancore monarchs. One of these thrones was crafted with 24 individual elephant tusks. The other one sits atop a headdress of Bohemian crystals bearing Travancore's 'conch' symbol. 
  • The Swathi Sangeethotsavam, an annual music festival, takes place on the palace grounds and is another fascinating reason for the palace's fame. Every year, this festival attracts thousands of music lovers who come to hear the world's best classical performers play.
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Address of Kuthiramalika Palace

Trivandrum, India

Opening & Closing time of Kuthiramalika Palace

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