Priyadarshini Planetarium

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The Priyadarshini Planetarium in Trivandrum is widely considered to be among the best of its kind in all of South India. The first of its kind in India, this domed planetarium has been doing an excellent job of not only educating the public about astronomy but also keeping them up to date on the latest developments in the field. 

The Priyadarshini Planetarium is a gateway to the wonders of science and the entire universe. The venues are full dome theaters with climate control, the ability to project images from end to end in an eerily realistic manner, high-quality surround sound, and a dedicated studio for recording audio. 

How to explore Priyadarshini Planetarium?

  • The state-of-the-art GM-11 starfield projector in the auditorium can, believe it or not, recreate the night sky from everywhere on Earth, at any time in the past or future of 12500 years! 
  • You can also benefit from this planetarium's ability to provide a VR experience without the need for a mobile device. 
  • Shows in Malayalam and English acquaint the public with the wonders of the universe at the Priyadarshini Planetarium. The children's insatiable curiosity about the nature of the universe is satisfied here, and they tend to develop a more scientific outlook as a result. 
  • Priyadarshini Planetarium performances give you a glimpse of the universe above you, including the galaxies and Milky Way. 
  • Check out the 'Man and the Universe' program, which is consistently voted as the top show. In this program, you will learn about man's incredible discoveries and advancements in the realm of astronomy. Have your mind blown as they show you the landscapes and atmospheres of many planets and stars in our solar system and explain how the universe came to be. 
  • You can check out the many outdoor attractions, such as model rockets and airplanes. Your perspective on these displays will shift after watching the show. You should look at each and every one of the amazing details these models have to offer. 
  • Many 3D and 6D presentations, a thrillarium, a children's park, nightly laser shows, and a world-famous musical fountain round out the list of must-sees.
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    3 hours

Address of Priyadarshini Planetarium

Pattoor PMG Road, Trivandrum 695033 India

Opening & Closing time of Priyadarshini Planetarium

  • Monday
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  • Sunday

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